Critics say this is a move to get the conservative party through the coming elections

Canada is one of the partners in the Lockheed F-35 program and has previously lashed out at rising costs and continuing delays. More recently, Canada has hit the F-35 program with another blow that could hurt the program.
The country announced that it wouldn’t be in a position to purchase the F-35 until 2018. According to some industry observers, this is nothing more than a political ploy aimed at swaying voter opinion in upcoming elections.

“This whole thing is designed to delay and to get the Conservatives past the next election so they don’t have to come clean with Canadians about their F-35 plans,” said Liberal Party defense critic Joyce Murray.

Jack Harris, defense critic with the official opposition New Democratic Party, echoed those sentiments, stating, “They portray themselves as strong fiscal managers, but they have bungled numerous defense procurement files, particularly the F-35. They don’t want this mess hanging over their heads during an election campaign.”
Both the Liberal Party and the New Democratic Party support an open competition for a new jet fighter.
Defense News reports that the Canadian government gave no official reason for delaying the purchase.

Source: Defense News

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