LED light bulb promises to last for 10 years of typical use

Energy efficiency is a big area of research around the globe. One way to ease our demand for natural resources like oil and coal and reduce our environmental impact is to use less power. One of the biggest areas of research when it comes to using less natural resources and creating less pollution is in the hybrid auto industry.

However, one very common area of research for saving power is the common light bulb. Traditional incandescent light bulbs in most homes around the world today consume relatively large amounts of power and put off heat as a byproduct.

Research focusing on using much more energy efficient LED bulbs for household lighting is underway around the globe. Lighting using LED bulbs not only consumes less power, but also lasts much longer than the incandescent bulbs we use today.

However, an LED light bulb produced in California by a company called C. Crane Company promises to last for 30,000 hours or ten years of typical use. Company president, Robert C. Crane told the Times Standard, "It's best light bulb in the world. It's the most efficient and the longest-lasting."

One of the biggest problems with moving to other types of bulbs for lighting in homes and business is that most produce a different color light than the incandescent bulb. Anyone who has used the typical fluorescent light bulb to replace a standard bulb can tell you that the color of light produced is markedly different from an incandescent.

The LED bulb is offered in three different color spectrums to allow users to choose the color that best suits their needs. The bulb comes in cool, soft and warm spectrums; whether or not any of the three colors offered matches the light from an incandescent bulb is unknown.

Light color aside, the single biggest problem with the current LED light bulb form the C. Crane Company is that each bulb costs $119. The company points out that if you had an electrician come and replace fixtures in the home with more energy efficient ones your costs would be more than simply using the new light bulb. The cost per bulb is one of the issues that the company is focusing on for future products.

Director of sales and marketing Jessica Gillette for Crane said, "It's [using the LED light bulb] not anything different from what you're used to doing." The company's LED bulb needs only 7.5 watts to provide as much light as a 60-watt incandescent bulb.

Household lighting isn’t the only place that LEDs are being used to replace more traditional light fixtures. Some new vehicles are getting LED lighting including the Lexus LS 600h L and the Audio R8 V10. The R8 uses LED lighting in all places lighting is needed from the interior to the headlights and running lights.

Researchers are also focusing on ways to eliminate issues associated with LED lighting including a common problem with LED lighting known as efficiency droop.

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