EV can go up to 150 miles per charge

The Obama administration is pushing new CAFE standards that will force automakers to produce more EVs and hybrids. Most of the EVs we have seen have come from the big automakers around the world with a few exceptions.
There have been some new startups come into the EV and hybrid realm like Tesla and Fisker. Another small company is set to produce an EV that is available right now in California called the CODA Sedan. The EV will come with a battery warranty good for 10-years/100,000 miles.
"We are excited to announce that we have started production of our all-electric CODA sedan," said Phil Murtaugh, CEO of CODA Holdings. "We dedicated this year to increasing efficiencies in order to bring down costs and as we go to market, we are committed to passing these savings to our customers. These progressions align with our mission of putting an electric vehicle into every garage and adding further confidence that CODA will provide dependable electric vehicles for generations to come."
CODA also claims its Sedan will have the best range per dollar rating for any EV on the market. The car is priced at $39,990, but it is available in California now for $29,900 after a $7,500 federal tax rebate and an additional $2,500 rebate (California only).
The CODA Sedan has 134hp and 221 lb-ft of torque with the ability to cruise at 85mph.
The five-passenger sedan will charge in six hours using its 6.6kW onboard charger. That six-hour charge will give the car a 150-mile driving range. The car can also travel 100 miles with just a four-hour charge and 50 miles with a two-hour charge. 

Source: Yahoo

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