2012 CODA EV
CODA delivered the first three all-electric sedans to customers yesterday

CODA Automotive released its first CODA all-electric vehicles yesterday to three customers in the state of California.

CODA Automotive is a privately held EV and lithium-ion battery systems company based in Los Angeles, California. California customers finally got their hands on the company's first entry into the EV market, the all-electric CODA.

The 2012 CODA is an all-electric four-door, five-passenger sedan. It's powered by a 31 kWh lithium ion iron phosphate (LiFePO4) battery system that delivers a range of 88 miles per charge. EPA rated the CODA's combined fuel economy at 73 miles per gallon gasoline equivalent. The EV also has 6.6 kW onboard charging capabilities where a full charge can be obtained in six hours on 240 V, and it comes with a three-year, 36,000 mile limited warranty/10-year, 100,000 mile limited battery warranty.

CODA previously selected early reservation holders based on the vehicle specifications they were interested in. The first 500 early reserved vehicles contain a numbered plaque and a custom keychain to show that they are the first CODA's to be released.

"Watching our dealers deliver the first vehicles to customers is an incredibly fulfilling milestone," said Phil Murtaugh, CODA Holdings CEO. "All three customers share our conviction that advances in technology can help solve the energy challenges that have weighed down our economy and our environment for decades, and we're thrilled to have them help bring us one step closer to fulfilling our founding vision."

The very first customer to reserve a CODA was Randy of Redwood City, California, who ordered a silver CODA.

"We're delighted to offer the all-electric CODA to Randy and many more Northern California drivers in the near future," said Shaun Del Grande, President of Del Grande Dealer Group. "As the first dealership in the area to offer the CODA, we're excited to provide Northern California drivers with what they want: a reliable range, zero emission sedan and ultimately, the option to be independent from fossil fuels.”

The state of California has been pushing for greater EV adoption for some time now, with efforts like Chevrolet Volt drivers receiving a $1,500 rebate and High Occupancy Vehicle (HOV) traffic lane stickers, and the California Air Resources Board (CARB) approving 15.4 percent of new autos sold to be green by 2025.

Sources: EV World, MSN Autos

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