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EReader will be one of the cheapest on the market

The eReader market really didn’t take off until Amazon rolled out its Kindle eReader. The device captured the attention of gadget and book fans around the world and spawned a glut of new eReaders.

One of the other major book sellers in the U.S. called Borders has now stepped into the eReader market with an offering of its own that sets itself apart from the other devices on the market by way of a low price. The Borders device is called the Kobo eReader and retails for $149.99. The Kobo uses E Ink technology on the display and has flexible fonts that allow the user to pick what is easiest on their eyes.

The device lets users organize books in whatever way they desire and the Kobo is loaded with the Borders Desktop application that is needed for shopping for new books. The back of the device is quilted and apparently soft to give it the feel of a real book. The software of the Kobo lets the reader jump back and forth from chapter to chapter or book to book with ease.

Kobo measures 7.2-inches tall and 4.7-inches wide and is 0.4-inches thick. It weighs less than eight ounces and has a 4-way D-pad for navigation. The reader has 1GB of RAM for storing books and has a SD card slot for expanding storage as needed. The battery promises enough juice for two weeks of use and lets you read up to 8,000 pages before needing to be recharged.

Unlike the Kindle there is no integrated 3G connectivity with the Kobo; it is designed to be connected to a smartphone via Bluetooth for downloading books or to be connected to a PC via USB. The Kobo is pre-loaded with 100 free eBooks that are in the public domain.

Clearly, the big win here for the Kobo is its price tag. At $149.99, it's significantly cheaper than other offerings on the market and users who will be reading mostly at home can easily forgo the 3G connectivity in favor of a much lower price.

Amazon's Kindle is still among the most popular devices with its new global support for 3G connectivity allowing the user to download new books wherever they end up. Amazon competitor Barnes & Noble also offers up its own eReader called the nook.


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