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Mayor hopes it will bring more renewable energy projects to the region

Boise Mayor Dave Bieter announced Wednesday that Sunergy World -- a local company that specializes in biomass, wind and solar energy products -- is partnering with the city to build a $45 million solar power plant, and construction could start as soon as this fall.

This plant will be the first solar facility in Idaho, and will be located near the Boise Airport at a brownfield site. According to Robert Cavazos, Sunergy World director of project development, the plant is "expected to produce 10 megawatts of power, enough to power 1,200 homes annually."

Sunergy World has agreed to both lease the land from the city and oversee construction of the solar fields through all phases. Phase one consists of large solar panels being placed on top of "what are basically carports," while phase two consists of building a manufacturing facility to store them (this will be located on top of the old city landfill). A spokesperson for Sunergy World said, "the company is in the process of firming up any remaining details."

In addition, the solar panels will be provided by Transform Solar, a Micron-owned company.

In his State of the City address on Wednesday, Bieter talked about the importance of Boise becoming a greener, environmentally-aware city and how he hopes "the project will serve as a catalyst for the construction or relocation of more renewable energy projects and developers to the region."

"It's also about $45 million circulating in our economy, it's jobs for local workers, but maybe most importantly it's our first pretty substantial step forward towards that industry, and it's an industry that we really want to be a part of," said Bieter. 

The solar power plant is expected to bring in approximately 40 new jobs, 20 of which are in construction and the other 20 would be available when the plant is complete. It has been determined that private investors will fund the plant.

The construction of the solar power plant is expected to take one year. 

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