Boeing 787 Dreamliner first flight now slated for Q2 2009

Aviation giant Boeing has been talking about its 787 Dreamliner for a long time now. Delays have plagued the program and pushed the first flight and commercial launch over Boeings original deadlines.

Unfortunately, for Boeing, things aren't getting better for its timetable. CNET News reports that Boeing announced on Thursday the first flight and first delivery schedule was again going to be delayed. This delay has the first flight of the massive 787 happening in Q2 2009 and the delivery of the first aircraft in Q1 2010.

Before revising the dates again, Boeing had expected the first flight to be Q4 2008 and the first delivery of the aircraft in Q3 2009. The last time delays were announced; Boeing blamed issues with the 787's brakes. Boeing points the finger directly at a machinists’ strike this time that shut the program down from early September to November of 2008.

Boeing certainly needs to get the aircraft complete and if anyone doubts that the Dreamliner will happen, even Boeing rival Airbus believes in the project. CNET News cites a report by Airbus that was inadvertently released showing that Bowings biggest competitor understands the soundness of the 787 program.

The Dreamliner is one of the largest commercial aircraft projects to come from Boeing in a long time. Images of the very first Dreamliner sans paint hit the web in June of 2007. The first public unveiling was held on July 8, 2007 (7-8-7, get it?) to a crowd of 15,000 onlookers. Boeing maintained that the Dreamliner was on schedule in October of 2007, but mere days later the same month Boeing announced the first delay for the project.

In early 2008 reports began to circulate that the 787 had a network vulnerability with some claims that the aircraft's network could be compromised using the in-seat Internet access. Further delays were announced in January 2008 with the blame falling on suppliers that were behind schedule.

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