Boeing and Siemens will use smart grid technologies to help the DOD manage its energy and security controls  (Source:
Boeing and Siemens aims to help the U.S. Department of Defense manage its energy consumption through smart grid technologies

The U.S. Department of Defense is the biggest consumer of energy in the federal government. Now, a new alliance between Boeing and Siemens is aiming to increase efficiency and cut operational costs in this particular sector to improve security as well as energy access. 

Boeing, an American multinational aerospace and defense corporation, has teamed up with electronics corporation Siemens to help the U.S. Department of Defense manage its energy consumption through smart grid technologies. The microgrid management solution that the team has come up with will use smart energy controls to provide real-time data to manage energy use, integrate renewable energy sources and storage, and implement economical energy-efficiency tools that analyze, control and automate energy processes. 

"This collaboration will make a real difference in how the DOD uses energy," said Tim Noonan, vice president of Boeing Energy. "For years, Boeing has developed secure, networked systems vital to the nation's defense, and bringing this capability to the development of energy security and efficiency is vital for the military's future. Boeing and Siemens' combined approach will help provide energy independence and critical infrastructure protection to ensure mission success for the U.S. military, at home and abroad."

Boeing and Siemens plan to make energy efficiency a reality for the Department of Defense by providing network and smart grid integration, end-to-end construction and engineering, cyber security, climate monitoring, next-generation alternative energy integration, and energy management and storage. 

"Siemens is the only company worldwide that provides its customers with energy-efficient technologies that enable 'smart' production, transmission and consumption," said Judy Marks, head of Siemens U.S. Federal Business. "The Siemens and Boeing team has a vision for the United States' energy future, and we're committed to helping the DOD achieve unprecedented levels of power reliability, quality, efficiency and energy independence."

It is currently unclear when Boeing and Siemens will begin implementing these smart grid technologies.

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