BlackBerry wants to set the records straight when it comes to its fortunes in the mobile marketplace

BlackBerry may be down, but the company definitely doesn’t want you to count it out. With smartphone market share that is below one percent, and inching even closer to zero percent, the company has failed to put up a competent fight against industry heavyweights like Apple and Samsung (or even challengers like Microsoft/Nokia with Windows Phone).
BlackBerry recently gave everyone a sneak peak at its next generation smartphones — the “Classic” and the quirky, square-screen “Passport” — but neither phone is likely to significantly alter the company’s fortunes.
With this in mind BlackBerry, which calls itself “a leader in mobile,” is looking to at least clarify its narrative that has been portrayed in the media and by its competitors. The company is launching the BlackBerry Fact Check Portal that aims to counter the “sensationalized reports surrounding our viability and misperceptions about our product portfolio.”
BlackBerry is even seeking out its legion of fans to help it counter what it sees as “smoke and mirrors” tactics by its competitors. The company wants people to report “fiction” spewed by its competitors to the BlackBerry Fact Check Portal so that it can counter with “facts.”
Interestingly, despite BlackBerry’s claim that it’s being attacked from all sides, and its insistence on setting the records straights with regards to its viability in the market place, the company’s brand new portal isn’t even functional (yet).

Source: BlackBerry

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