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BlackBerry's upcoming Passport actually has decent specs

While BlackBerry is trying to convince medical professionals to use its upcoming Passport smartphone to view X-rays, N4BB is instead giving us some details that were really want to hear about the device: its specs.
N4BB has revealed the entire spec sheet for the Passport, and it’s actually quite respectable for a BlackBerry device (or any modern flagship smartphone for that matter). Powering the Passport is a 2.2GHz quad-core Snapdragon 800 processor paired with 3GB of RAM — this is a big upgrade from the BlackBerry Z10, which uses a 1.5GHz dual-core Snapdragon processor and 2GB of RAM.
The device packs in 32GB of internal storage and also includes a microSD slot for additional expansion. We already know about the device’s display, which is 4.5” square with a resolution of 1440x1440, covered in Gorilla Glass 3. The 13MP rear camera features a 5-element f/2.0 lens, backside illumination, LED flash, and 1080p/60fps video recording. The front-facing unit is run-of-the-mill 2MP unit.

Other features include LTE, 802.11n, and Bluetooth 4.0 LE connectivity.
When it comes to battery life, BlackBerry is looking to knock performance out of the park with an impressive 3450 mAh battery. Unfortunately, it’s integrated into the device and is non-removable. However, BlackBerry is targeting of 19 hours of usage in addition to 8 hours of standby on a single charge.
We still don’t have an official release data for the BlackBerry Passport, but we’re sure that the BlackBerry faithful are eagerly awaiting the release of the device.

Source: N4BB

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Last Year
By Flunk on 8/22/2014 3:24:50 PM , Rating: 2
Those would have been top-shelf specs, last year. Now, they're still good, but the Snapdragon 800 has been replaced by the 801 and then the 805.

I don't think all the specs in the world can save them at this point. Also, it's an odd shape, too big for (at least my) pockets and the keyboard is compromised enough that it would be better without one.

I also can't believe it didn't already come out, they're been talking about it for more than 6 months now.

RE: Last Year
By Chadder007 on 8/22/2014 3:35:48 PM , Rating: 3
Specs are still better than even more than half of the future Android devices coming out. The o.s. is very responsive. It runs most android apps. The only thing that is strange is the keyboard.

RE: Last Year
By BennyTroves on 8/22/14, Rating: 0
RE: Last Year
By GTVic on 8/22/2014 5:59:13 PM , Rating: 2
Easy stuff to say from your couch but mostly pointless. 1 step down isn't the same as 'old'. Since when does different mean "weird" or imply failure?

RE: Last Year
By Omega215D on 8/22/2014 3:47:16 PM , Rating: 2
The SD 801 has better efficiency so it would've been smart of them to pair it with that 3400maH battery. Sure this device could have been made long before other phones with 801 were developed but I doubt that.

RE: Last Year
By HardwareDufus on 8/22/14, Rating: 0
RE: Last Year
By HardwareDufus on 8/22/2014 4:27:46 PM , Rating: 2
If they do a PassPort Plus phone... that will be very interesting....

PassPortPlus would be a phone where they extend the height to give you 1920X1440... or 4X3 layout... and add DualSimmDualActive to really pull of the This is Your Business Enterprise and Personal Phone!

At that point maybe they go to 801/805 too?

BlackBerry PassPort (BBPP or BBP2) and BlackBerry PassPort Plus (BBPPP or BBP3) have a ring to them.

RE: Last Year
By djstylz1985 on 8/22/2014 5:24:01 PM , Rating: 1
Specs dont mean anything when it comes to BB10 OS which is optimized for it. Specs only matter when it comes to comparing android devices!!!

Apple specs are horrible compared to android but still runs circles in terms of performance and how smooth it is. What matters is the software and what it can do not 800 vs 801 vs 805 processor who cares!!!

Also 6 months??? John Chen announced it in the middle of June during the earnings report and set to release in September that's under 3 months.

These specs are amazing for an OS that will be optimized to use it. QNX will take advantage of all the components to its full potential unlike android.....

RE: Last Year
By melgross on 8/23/2014 6:56:09 AM , Rating: 1
Apple's A7 still beats the crap out of most every other SoC, and it's a year old. The new A8 will be better.

This isn't a world beater, and it has to be.

We kept reading about how all the previous BB10 phones were going to do so very well, but they all bombed.

This is an odd shape and size. Is it trying to be a large clumsy phone. Or a small clumsy tablet? Hard to tell.

RE: Last Year
By HardwareDufus on 8/24/2014 1:47:59 PM , Rating: 2
I'm not sure... Spec wise, Apple fones are never World beaters... they always lag the flagship models on screen size / resolution and they don't include MicroSD either.

They've got a great SOC in the A7x and A8...

With full Android compatablility (at least up to 4.3.. probably 4.4 soon) that takes care of the shortage of apps in the BB ecosystem. The OS IS nice to use (I demoed it... but I was already pleased with my existing Lumia 920).

I'm sticking by my 1920X1440 or 4X3 layout comments.... the BlackBerry PassPort Plus. No one will have anything like that.

This device is so different, that I think they should go ALL IN and convince folks that this IS the next big thing... Momentum shifts...

Would a 5 to 8% market share keep BlackBerry profitable?

RE: Last Year
By flyingpants1 on 8/26/2014 9:28:21 AM , Rating: 2
I'm not sure... Spec wise, Apple fones are never World beaters... they always lag the flagship models on screen size / resolution and they don't include MicroSD either.

Like the guy 2 posts above you said, specs only really matter on Android.

I'm sticking by my 1920X1440 or 4X3 layout comments.... the BlackBerry PassPort Plus. No one will have anything like that.

Right, and for good reason.

Any Quad core
By mrwassman on 8/22/2014 8:35:43 PM , Rating: 2
The form factor seems weird but phones aren't exactly getting smaller. Doesn't anybody want to see some variety on the phone market?

There are a few things going for this phone

1) The keyboard looks bigger than older blackberry keyboards and I could shred on those little things (I'm 6'3" w/big hands). Even with auto-correct and/or swipe, the touch screen isn't that great for typing. One of the few things that REALLY bothers me about touch screen phones is that the on screen keyboard takes up half the screen when you are typing.

2) Like others are saying, it not having the most insanely stupid processor means nothing. I chose a dual-core Motorola over the LG G2/G3 because they put work into the software and left plenty of ram to keep the phone running smooth (it technically has 8 processors).

RE: Any Quad core
By melgross on 8/23/2014 7:04:11 AM , Rating: 2
The problem is that this is their latest Hail Mary device. The Q10, as we should remember, was touted as having "tremendous pent up demand", and it flopped. Sales were worse than for the Z10 without the keyboard the Blackberry fans were booing when it came out. They said the Q10 would change everything.

And sales are down 78% YOY.

So now we have this really odd model...

RE: Any Quad core
By anothermax2 on 8/24/2014 6:25:17 PM , Rating: 2
Sales were up from last quarter, which hasn't happened in years. So they seemed to have found the bottom.

Most BB users would trade hyper CPU speed for more battery life. This thing should go days w/o a recharge.

They also have the 'classic' and Porsche models coming out.

Your negativity is tiresome. Give it a rest.

RE: Any Quad core
By retrospooty on 8/25/2014 10:15:56 AM , Rating: 2
"Your negativity is tiresome. Give it a rest."

You tell him to give his negativity a rest, but you addressed zero of what he was saying. He is absolutely correct.

"Most BB users would trade hyper CPU speed for more battery life. This thing should go days w/o a recharge."

Most BB users have already traded their BB's in for iPhones and Androids. That is why they are down from an anemic 2.4% in Q2 2013 to a pathetic .6% in Q2 2014.

"They also have the 'classic' and Porsche models coming out"

And no-one will buy them.

RE: Any Quad core
By anothermax2 on 8/25/2014 11:23:33 AM , Rating: 2
The only fact he threw out was sales are down YOY 78%. I noted that sales are UP from last quarter.

Everything else was pure negative, hysterical hyperbole. Just like your parroted post.

You hate BB and think they will fail. I get it. Thanks for your opinion. Now let the rest of us actually discuss the technology, without jumping on every comment to spew hate.

RE: Any Quad core
By retrospooty on 8/25/2014 1:56:34 PM , Rating: 2
"The only fact he threw out was sales are down YOY 78%. I noted that sales are UP from last quarter."

Ummm I think you need to look again. He said this "The problem is that this is their latest Hail Mary device. The Q10, as we should remember, was touted as having "tremendous pent up demand", and it flopped"

You can argue it was a good device, and you could be right, but you cannot say it didn't flop in the market. No-one bought it.

"Everything else was pure negative, hysterical hyperbole. Just like your parroted post."

OK, yes, I am sure somehow we are both being hysterical about BB's negative outlook. A stock drop to 1/20th its previous value, going from unrivaled market dominance to less than 1% marketshare and losing billions of dollars every year is just people being "negative". /s

"You hate BB and think they will fail."

Actually I want them to have done better so there would be a more competition... The problem is not that I think they will fail. They have already failed. It's over.

When they ignored the iPhone and Android markets skyrocketing and did nothing for years, it was bad. When they finally decided to do something and partnered up with QNX it was looking good. When it took them 3 full years from partnering up with (and later buying) QNX to get a phone on the market, 3 FULL YEARS it was already over. They took years too long to decide and when they finally decided, they moved way WAY WAY too slow. It's fine if you cant open your eyes, I cant make you, but dont snap at people for noticing what you are too blind to see.

By GulWestfale on 8/22/2014 2:57:59 PM , Rating: 2
if only you could take xrays with it...

More specifics
By PeaJay on 8/22/2014 3:24:45 PM , Rating: 2
Processor: Qualcomm Snapdragon 800 with 2.2GHz Quad-Core CPUs (MSM8974-AA), Adreno 330, 450MHz GPU

Memory: 3GB LPDDR3 800MHz RAM, 32GB Flash, Hot-swappable MicroSD slot (up to 64GB)

Expandable Memory: MicroSD slot located under back cover

Display: 4.5" diagonal, 1440 x 1440 resolution, LCD, 453 DPI, 24-bit color depth, 1:1 aspect ratio, RGB pixel arrangement, In-cell touch panel, 10-point multi-touch, Corning Gorilla Glass 3

Rear Facing Camera: 13MP Auto-Focus, Optical Image Stabilization (OIS), 5-element f2.0 lens, Back Side Illumination, LED Flash, 1080p HD video recording at 60fps, 6DOF video stabilization, 5x digital zoom, Continuous & touch to focus, image stabilization

Front Facing Camera: 2MP Fixed-Focus, Image & video stabilization, 3x digital zoom, 720p HD video recording

Battery: 3450mAH integrated non-removable battery
Battery Life (target) BlackBerry Power User Profile: 19 hours usage + 8 hours standby

Dedicated Keys: Volume Up/Down, Mute, Lock(Power On/Off)

Dimensions: Weight (w/battery) 194.4g (M2), (LxWxD): 128 x 90.3 x 9.3mm (9.6mm at camera location)

Headset: 3.5 mm stereo "BlackBird"

Notification: Tone, vibrate, on-screen or LED indicator; notification options are user configurable

Voice Input/output: Integrated speaker and microphone, Hands-free headset capable, Bluetooth headset capable, Integrated Hands-Free Speakerphone, Stereo

Ports and Connectivity: USB 2.0 fully supported with standard microUSB 2.0 cable (included inbox), USB 3.0 client interface supported with custom BlackBerry cable (not included in box), Cabled-Video Out supported with standard SlimPort adaptor (not included in box). SlimPort adaptor cables exist to support the following video protocols: HDMI, VGA, DisplayPort 1.1, DisplayPort 1.2, DVI, NFC, Universal BlackBerry Connector with SlimPort enabled

Power Adapter: +5V DC / 1.3A AC power adapter, OMTP Compliant

Network: FD-LTE 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 7, 8, 13, 17, 20 (2100/1900/1800/1700/850/2600/900/700/700/800 MHz), HSPA+ 1, 2, 4, 5/6, 8 (2100/1900/1700/850/900 MHz), Dual Carrier 42M support, Quad band GSM/GPRS/EDGE (850/900/1800/1900 MHz)

Wi-Fi: 802.11 b/g/n for 2.4GHz, 802.11 a/n for 5GHz, 802.11 ac for 5GHz, 4G Mobile Hotspot, Wi-Fi Direct, Miracast, IEEE 802.11r, IEEE 802.11k Neighbor Reports, Digital Living Network Alliance (DLNA) Server

GPS: Assisted, Autonomous and Simultaneous GPS, Enabled with preloaded BlackBerry Maps application and for e911capabilities, Both User Plane & Control Plane GPS is supported, GLONASS Support, OTDOA

Advanced Sensors: Accelerometer, Magnetometer, Gyroscope, Time of Flight (ToF), Ambient light

SIM Interface: Nano SIM card (4FF) Supports 1.8V and 3.0V cards

Bluetooth: Bluetooth 4.0 Low Energy (LE) with the following profiles - Hands free Profile 1.6 (HFP), Object Push Profile 1.1 (OPP), Phone Book Access Profile 1.1.1 (PBAP) Bluetooth Stereo (A2DP 1.2 / AVRCP 1.5 support), Serial Port Profile 1.1 (SPP), Bluetooth Message Access Profile 1.1 (MAP), Personal Area Network 1.0 (PAN), Remote SIM Access Profile 1.1 (rSAP), Human Interface Device Profile 1.0 (HID), Device ID 1.3, Multi-Profile 1.0 (MPS) [Planned]Low Energy Services, Device Information Service, Immediate Alert Service, Link Loss Service, Tx Power Service, Battery Service, Current Time Service, Next DST Change Service, Low Energy Human Interface Device (HID) [Planned]Bluetooth Radio Specifications, Single band support: ISM 2.4 GHz, Power Class: Bluetooth Class 1, Transmitting and receiving frequency: 2402 to 2480 MHz

Great Specs for a BB device
By Zensen on 8/23/2014 7:17:01 AM , Rating: 2
I think most people who consider this device, esp if they find the shape, size to be a good fit for them, I don't think they'll be complaining about missing out on the latest 801, 805.

BB10 is smooth on the z10, so I'm pretty sure this is going to be the best experience yet regarding its software. I doubt there will be much software out there that you can't throw at it.

I'm sure they considered the affect of the socs for costs.

I read not long ago that DIGIT magazine named BB10 the best Mobile OS, so that can't be a bad thing.

By callmeizzy on 8/22/2014 6:34:53 PM , Rating: 1
I think it is the fat lady singing!


These guys are so cute.

"A lot of people pay zero for the cellphone ... That's what it's worth." -- Apple Chief Operating Officer Timothy Cook

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