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Microsoft's Bing hasn't passed Yahoo yet in search traffic, but it continues at its (percent) growth pace from the last two weeks, it could pass Yahoo in about a month.  (Source: DailyTech)
Not a Google-killer (or even a Yahoo-killer) yet, but Bing shows some prowess

The online search market is an incredibly lucrative one. There's a massive amount of traffic and accompanying data to be mined, and in addition advertising revenue to be harvested. Control the internet search, and you stand to become one of the most profitable tech companies. Unfortunately, since Google established its dominance, almost no one (outside of Yahoo) has been able to attempt to gain such control.

Microsoft is looking to at last change that. After pouring millions into its online search offerings and seeing them flounder, struggling to even break with Yahoo's market share, the company needed a change. It first tried to purchase Yahoo and merge the searches -- but that didn't work out so well. So Microsoft spent more money going back to the drawing board, creating a fancy new search engine titled Bing.

And amazingly, this time it has seemed to work; early indications are that while Bing won't displace Yahoo overnight as Google's primary competitor, that it is popular and on the rise.

During the work week June 8-12, market research firm comScore found that Microsoft advanced to a 12.1 percent U.S. market share, up from 11.3 percent June 1-5 on Bing's launch week, and up from the previous Microsoft's search engine's total of 9.1 percent on the week before that -- May 25-29. The increase puts Microsoft's net gains at over 30 percent market share growth in just two weeks. At this pace it could catch Yahoo in about a month.

Just last month, Yahoo held 20.1 percent of the market, with Microsoft holding roughly 8 percent on average, and Google held steady at 65 percent.

Microsoft CEO Steve Ballmer cheered the news, exclaiming, "We have had some very good initial response. I don't want to over-set expectations. We are going to have to be tenacious and keep up the pace of innovation over a long period of time."

Microsoft has lashed out at competitor Google over the week over a plug-in to Microsoft's Outlook. The Google plug-in broke certain Outlook functionality and also broke Windows Search. Bemoans Outlook product manager Dev Balasubramanian, "The installation of the Google Apps Sync plugin disables Outlook's ability to search any and all of your Outlook data. It is also important to note that uninstalling the plugin may not fix the issue."

Google remained nonchalant, stating, "We're working with Microsoft and other partners to help fix these issues and support additional Outlook features like multiple calendars. We'll keep you posted on our progress."

The battle over email customers could be a critical one. If Google can get customers of Microsoft's Outlook to switch to Gmail by making the process painless, it could slow Microsoft's momentum, by directing more traffic to its site.  However, if it alienates customers via a sloppy transition, it could risk feeding Microsoft's search engine fire.  Where Bing will go remains to be seen, but one thing is clear -- for now it's quite popular.


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Bing is awesome
By bighairycamel on 6/18/2009 11:45:33 AM , Rating: 5
I for one, have been using Bing more than Google lately. The cashback feature for shopping is awesome and I hope it lasts. Also, Microsoft Maps are more up to date than Google or Yahoo (at least in my area where Google is at least 2 years behind) and the birds eye view feature is pretty cool.

I can't help but feel a little pity for Yahoo though... even though it's all their own damn fault.

RE: Bing is awesome
By smackababy on 6/18/2009 11:52:37 AM , Rating: 4
I've been using Bing since launch. I love it. I added it to my browser's search and set it as the homepage when I open new tabs. I haven't tried to maps, but I've been using cashback for awhile before Bing. I was a bit dissapointed with the pr0nz feature that was "advertised". The videos are much too small to be of any "use".

RE: Bing is awesome
By TomZ on 6/18/2009 12:01:07 PM , Rating: 2
Bing's maps and aerial images are better than Google's, and they have been for a while, since before Bing when it was Live.

RE: Bing is awesome
By kellehair on 6/18/2009 2:35:31 PM , Rating: 2
Unless I'm missing something you can't drag routes to change them in Bing like you can with Google. I find that to be a critical feature for the NY/NJ area.

RE: Bing is awesome
By Samus on 6/19/2009 2:06:49 AM , Rating: 3
>Unless I'm missing something you can't drag routes to >change them in Bing like you can with Google. I find that >to be a critical feature for the NY/NJ area.

I couldn't agree more. Additionally, I think it sucks how BING doesn't take pseudo-entry.

In google maps, you can type 'address A to address B' but bing requires you to go to "driving directions" then in the from field you type address A and the destination field you type address B.

Very annoying to go through that many steps. So 1996.

RE: Bing is awesome
By Morphine06 on 6/18/2009 12:29:10 PM , Rating: 2
I have seen an average of 7% more traffic to my sites from bing over google. The more image heavy sites have seen as much as 20% more unique visitors from bing over google. I'm quite pleased at this point.

I makes me want to try it as my default search.

RE: Bing is awesome
By ZimZum on 6/18/2009 2:57:49 PM , Rating: 3
Bing's Image search >>>>>> Google's

RE: Bing is awesome
By feraltoad on 6/19/2009 1:40:22 AM , Rating: 3
View google's image results with Cooliris. Very slick.

RE: Bing is awesome
By Bonrock on 6/18/2009 9:13:08 PM , Rating: 3
"I makes me want to try it as my default search."

So try it as your default search. It's not like it's such a hard thing to do (or undo, if you don't like it). =P

RE: Bing is awesome
By stromgald30 on 6/18/2009 1:00:27 PM , Rating: 5
I'm amazed at times at what simple re-branding can do to a product. Bing is not much different than Live (especially the Maps, which is nothing more than re-branding). I've used Live Maps since it's beginning for the bird's eye view, and I think many people over-looked Live in general due to the over-arching branding with 'Live' used in hotmail and other products.

I do appreciate the cleaner search interface and better image searches, but so far, I've still been sticking with Google for better search results.

RE: Bing is awesome
By mikefarinha on 6/18/2009 1:42:13 PM , Rating: 2
From my experience the results for Bing are better than they were under Live.

My biggest use of search engines is looking up error messages, and Live was awful for that type of search. Google always brought me the most relevant results, many of which were on Microsoft's own servers.

I've been making use of this a lot the past few day's while working on an SQL Server 2008 migration. So far Bing has given me very satisfying results.

RE: Bing is awesome
By ccmfreak2 on 6/18/2009 4:10:24 PM , Rating: 2
I'm right there with ya on the re-branding. I took a look at Bing's map feature and was pleasantly impressed at the view of my area (more up-to-date, more detailed, and more view control). I sure it's probably the same one used in "Live", but I never used it because... well... it wasn't Google. I kinda regret not using their maps in the past.

For very specific searches, I find Google can still be better than Bing, but Bing has taken my personal #2 slot - dropping Yahoo down to #3 for me.

By Sazar on 6/18/2009 1:25:35 PM , Rating: 2
I'd love to know what update was applied as well since my IE8 is up-to-date and the latest updates have not affected my browser search engine of choice (Google).

By bighairycamel on 6/18/2009 2:15:47 PM , Rating: 2
I'm pretty sure he is talking about the initial screen in IE8 where you specify a default search provider. He must have not read the feakin screen where you can manually set your own.......

By mvisconte on 6/18/2009 6:28:24 PM , Rating: 2
Yeah, he knows the "big freakin' screen" -- and he had already SET his choice, goofball... that's what I SAID. Geez, can't these kids read anymore?

By ClownPuncher on 6/18/2009 1:39:02 PM , Rating: 5

By smackababy on 6/18/2009 1:51:34 PM , Rating: 2
This smells a lot like FUD. I highly doubt MS could try such a thing at a time like this. They know they can't get away with such. Now, all new versions of IE will default to Bing, I am sure of this.

By Smilin on 6/18/2009 1:56:42 PM , Rating: 2
It was a bug and it flipped your search to defaults which happens to be This coincidentally is now mapped to It also only occurs on older browsers...I want to say IE6 but it may include IE7. IE8 did not get affected.

By Nekrik on 6/18/2009 2:33:10 PM , Rating: 2
From what i've read there were reports for all sorts of browsers but the confirmed bug was on IE6 only, it was server side and fixed in about a days time.

By mvisconte on 6/18/2009 6:31:02 PM , Rating: 2
Nah... I'd like to give them the benefit of the doubt, but I'm one of those SOBs who removes all of the stock selections and just leaves one (Google) in. Heh. I thought that would provide me with some protection against flipping.

percentages are misleading - but Bing is good
By SoCalBoomer on 6/18/2009 1:31:59 PM , Rating: 2
I have to say it since I say it when it comes up for anything - saying Bing has gone up 30% is misleading when it turns out that Bing has only risen what, 3 points total?

It's like when Apple is reported as rising 25% (or whatever) when they have only risen from 6% to 7.5% . . . if Dell had risen 1.5% it would have only been a couple of percent so it's a way of boosting the numbers of a small company and discounting those of a larger one. It's misleading.

However, that being said, I'm using Bing as my primary search and really enjoying it.

I've felt, for some time, that Google's search is becoming a popularity contest (due to its ranking being based on how many links TO the page exist and how those linking pages are ranked) - if you have popular friends, you'll be popular. If you're really a niche site, you're never going to get high in the rankings. . .unless you cheat and trade links or whatever.

I wonder what MS uses. . .

By smackababy on 6/18/2009 2:00:26 PM , Rating: 4
I don't think saying Bing has gone up 30% in marketshare is misleading as much as it takes general reading skills to comprehend it did not say Bing has gone up to 30% marketshare. The fact remains, if Bing held 10% and increased to 13%, then it did go up 30%.

By SoCalBoomer on 6/18/2009 5:13:14 PM , Rating: 1
Oh, obviously.

However, it is still misleading because if Google went DOWN the same 3%, they would not have dropped 30%. . .

One makes better headlines, one is more communicative.

RE: percentages are misleading - but Bing is good
By Nekrik on 6/18/2009 5:23:53 PM , Rating: 2
Unless the title was changed it is accurate:
"Bing on The Rise With Steady 30 Percent Rise in Traffic Over 2 Weeks"

Traffic being the key word, it does not say market share.

If it had read "Bing on The Rise With Steady 30 Percent Rise in Browser Market Share Over 2 Weeks" it would be incorrect/inaccurate.

RE: percentages are misleading - but Bing is good
By adiposity on 6/19/2009 3:18:20 PM , Rating: 2
It is accurate (assuming the measurements are). However, since the only thing people care about is market share, the first assumption will be that they took a significant percentage of marketshare, which they really didn't.

I'm not a big fan of "30% growth" or "30% decrease" statistics because they are very confusing. From 10 to 13, is a 30% increase, but from 13 to 10, is only a 23% decrease... The percentages only tell you something if you understand what you were starting with. As such, the best way to state what happened would be "microsoft increases from 10% to 13% marketshare." Then there is no confusion, and it makes it clear what marketshare was there before, what marketshare is there now, and what the difference was.

Growth percentages are only useful if they are related to trends, or comparable growth in the industry. But that doesn't really apply here. First, it's too short to measure a trend. Second, you can't really measure "growth" in an industry that is all competing for the same pie, only by measuring an increase of one of the competitors. The rise in traffic could easily have been across the board for all engines, but the headline implies that it is taking marketshare ("bing on the rise.").

That said, I'm much happier with the results from bing than windows live search. Particularly as it relates to indexing microsoft's own site! Go figure...


By adiposity on 6/19/2009 3:27:10 PM , Rating: 2
Also, since this is measure over an arbitrary time period, it raises the question, what is "steady"?

If in two more weeks, they are at 16% (using my made up numbers of 10 and 13), did they continue 30% growth? Well, no, they dropped to 23% growth. But then, they had 60% "steady" growth over 1 month.

This is why it's confusing to call a percentage increase "steady." Is it the rise in traffic that is steady, or the percentage increase of previous traffic that is steady? And if the trend continues "steadily" by percentage, they would have 100% marketshare in 16 weeks... ;)


By adiposity on 6/19/2009 3:28:36 PM , Rating: 2
One last thing, the article itself lists the 30% figure as coming from marketshare increase:

The increase puts Microsoft's net gains at over 30 percent market share growth in just two weeks. At this pace it could catch Yahoo in about a month.

By Kougar on 6/18/2009 11:54:52 AM , Rating: 2
Well it does help Live Cashback is now officially Bing (Bling) cashback. Once the 8% eBay cashback rate falls to 0% again it will be interesting to see what the impact is on those weekly numbers.

RE: Cashback
By smackababy on 6/18/2009 1:07:37 PM , Rating: 2
To be honest, I am surprised they didn't up it back up to 25% for eBay with the launch of bing. That would have generated a lot of traffic. The epitomy of "free" advertising.

RE: Cashback
By Kougar on 6/18/2009 1:36:25 PM , Rating: 2
Cashback has been at 0% more often than its been at 8% this year. At first I would agree with you. But after Microsoft spent most of last year throwing money down the eBay drain and not able to appreciably grow Live's market share for doing so, I'm not sure they will attempt that again. And honestly most poeple will take just 8% if that's all they think they'll get out of them. So really that's all the cashback they need to offer to attract the largest segment of cashback-only searchers, is my theory.

RE: Cashback
By smackababy on 6/18/2009 2:02:51 PM , Rating: 2
Before Bing, there was a site tracking the eBay percentages for cashback, and I checked almost daily. I'd never seen it below 8%. The last time I used it was when it was a lot higher, but I haven't seen it drop. It may have for Bing though, as Firefox add-on Adblock now blocks the sponsored ads and I've yet to disable it.

RE: Cashback
By Kougar on 6/18/2009 3:22:16 PM , Rating: 2
I used and it still works even with Bing.

I was buying PC parts earlier this year, it's been alternating between 0% and 8% for a good while, at least according to that tool. So far every time I've checked it it's been accurate.

By randomposter on 6/18/2009 11:51:37 AM , Rating: 3
That picture of Steve Ballmer is pure gold.

RE: Ballmer
By amanojaku on 6/18/2009 12:37:59 PM , Rating: 2
Ew! To who? Or WHAT??? ;-)

By phazers on 6/18/2009 12:42:41 PM , Rating: 5
Yep, I've been using Bing pretty exclusively for the last week or so. Esp. the video thumbnails :). Google is right to be worried.

I'm surprised the EU hasn't fined MS yet, for introducing a better search engine than Google :)..

By dagamer34 on 6/18/2009 12:06:05 PM , Rating: 3
I think one of the more subtle but useful keys to Bing is the fact that its search results look a lot better than what Google spits out. Believe it or not, Google has a learning curve to get the kind of results to want and often it spews out crap. Bing gives you access to related searches with just a single click. Plus searching images is MUCH MUCH better than what Google has to offer. The ability to quickly click on the next search result without having to go back to the search page is amazing.

I really think that Google's core business of search has pretty much stagnated. Granted, it's used by 60% of people, but I think there's a reason why it hasn't gotten much higher. I mean, if you compare Google in 2005 to 2009, what new features do you see in their results? It's pretty much the same stuff.

I don't mean to play favorites, but on several levels Bing is much better than Google. It's good to see that Microsoft is finally making progress in areas that aren't it's bread and butter financially.

Sans google, of course
By danrien on 6/18/2009 1:53:06 PM , Rating: 3
Unfortunately, since Google established its dominance, almost no one (outside of Yahoo) has been able to attempt to gain such control.

I agree that Bing is great!
By dblagent on 6/18/2009 12:50:20 PM , Rating: 2
I too have given Bing a chance, and it really (really, I surprised too!) is a great search engine. I have just gotten used to redefining my search on google if the results I need did not appear and I have to do that significantly less with Bing.

I switched my default search to bing and left google as my homepage. With enough searches and feedback to MS I think bing can really compete this time around.

By noirsoft on 6/18/2009 1:22:01 PM , Rating: 2
I've been seeing those Bing TV ads all the time. THey are pretty good and funny commercials that people will remember. I bet that has something to do with the uptick in numbers. A lot of people are curious about the "new" search engine. I'm surprised the advertising angle was not mentioned in the article.

By Nekrik on 6/18/2009 2:43:24 PM , Rating: 2
"The Google plug-in broke certain Outlook functionality and also broke Windows Search. ... It is also important to note that uninstalling the plugin may not fix the issue."

WTF is up with that? Sounds like engineer driven products and minimal testing resulting in beta quality releases.

Scroogle Google
By LoweredExpectations on 6/19/2009 2:30:54 AM , Rating: 2
I've been using the Scroogle search site for the past year. Scroogle acys as a filter that sits between Google and you - it gives you the regular Google search results but removes all the identifying info that Goolge stores and uses to track your searches and tailor it's ads. I've even made Scroogle Firefox's default search engine.

By koqe on 6/19/2009 7:05:20 AM , Rating: 2
am pretty sure it's the TV advertising that made a bit difference on their recant shares..but in a long run, will it jump up and regain on Yahoo? at least..

We're Up 30 ...
By xphile on 6/21/2009 11:33:25 PM , Rating: 2
Dirty Gertie ... Bing-Go!!

C'mon someone had to :-)

"What would I do? I'd shut it down and give the money back to the shareholders." -- Michael Dell, after being asked what to do with Apple Computer in 1997

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