Microsoft was prepping release in spite of another a bug triggering Windows Store crashes, but update-tied bug was a deal breaker

While Microsoft Corp.'s (MSFT) contingent of Windows smartphones may be a small crowd compared to Google, Inc.'s (GOOG) Androids and Apple, Inc.'s (AAPL) iPhones, the world's top PC OS maker is hoping Windows 10 will be the gamechanger that will change that.

Inspired by a Insider poll, Windows manager Gabriel Aul took to his Twitter, Inc. (TWTR) feed (@GabeAul) announcing his hope that Build 10536 of Windows 10's mobile variant would soon be released, in spite of a modest bug.  Unfortunately that plan was scuttled at the last minuted after a far more serious flaw was found in the build.

The initial bug that which had Microsoft contemplating a delay in Build 10536 involved crashes in the Windows Store.  The crash only happened in certain cases, though, when memory was running low.  And there were workarounds  Thus Microsoft was on the fence about whether to release.  

Gabriel Aul explained to testers: Overwhelming the response from Insider Preview testers encouraged Microsoft to greenlight the build.  Of 8,043 Insider Preview members who voted in a poll Aul put forth, 80 percent encouraged early release of the bug, given the workaround.

Windows 10 poll

And Aul, as promised, announced he would be letting the majority rule.  He announced that Build 10536 would be prepped roll down the pipe today to Insider Preview members with compatible devices... but only for those who elected to join the Fast Ring. But in the eleventh hour he announced that there would be no new mobile build after all (oh the drama), as an even bigger bug had been discovered.  This bug, he reveals would somehow prevent future OS updates. So Microsoft is stuck fixing that bug, as it simply can't risk breaking its testers' chain of updates.  Hopefully it can fix that bug and get the fresh build out on Monday at the latest.  After all the consumer mass release of Windows 10, for new and existing Windows phones, as well as a replacement OS option for Android phones is coming up fast.  It's good that Microsoft is finding these big bugs prior to release, but suffice it to say that time is running out for these kind of big bug fixes.

Sources: Twitter (@GabeAul), Straw Poll

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