Blu-ray gets yet another supporter

Earlier today, DailyTech reported that Netflix took the bold step to go to a Blu-ray exclusive model for online high definition rentals. Netflix cited Blu-ray's emergence as the clear front-runner in the race and its wish to provide the "best experience for subscribers."

It now looks as though the Blu-ray camp is getting yet another supporter in its fight against HD DVD. Best Buy today announced that it will give preferential treatment to Blu-ray movies and hardware when it comes to floor space and positioning in its stores.

“Consumers have told us that they want us to help lead the way. We’ve listened to our customers, and we are responding. Best Buy will recommend Blu-ray as the preferred format,” said Best Buy President and CFO Brian Dunn. “Our decision to shine a spotlight on Blu-ray Disc players and other Blu-ray products is a strong signal to our customers that we believe Blu-ray is the right format choice for them.”

Like Netflix, Best Buy says that Blu-ray is the clear choice for consumers, so it will refocus its resources to promote Sony's increasingly-powerful brainchild.

"We believe our move to feature Blu-ray should help consumers feel confident in their hi-def content choices,” said Best Buy Home Solutions Senior VP Mike Vitelli. “We are excited about helping customers find the right mix of products and services to make the next generation of high definition entertainment technology come alive for them. We believe that Blu-ray is the right solution for consumers.”

Best Buy says that it will continue to carry HD DVD hardware and titles, but customers may have to fight through heavy Blu-ray defenses to reach the goods. On top of that, Best Buy sales reps will do their best to make sure that you know that Blu-ray is the clear direction for the future.

"If you can find a PS3 anywhere in North America that's been on shelves for more than five minutes, I'll give you 1,200 bucks for it." -- SCEA President Jack Tretton
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