Too bad it will be an in-store only offer

Black Friday will soon be upon us, and retailers are already getting their ads ready in an effort to entice bargain shoppers. Best Buy has just posted its Black Friday ad and the consumer electronics retail giant has one particular item on its list that caught our attention: a 50” HDTV for $199.
Bargain basement prices on large screen HDTVs is a usual occurrence these days; Newegg is currently offering a 49” LED 120Hz LED TV bundled with Google Chromecast and a two 6 foot HDMI cables for $349. However, many may be put of by the Changhong brand, which isn’t exactly a known quantity for many Americans.
However, Best Buy’s deal is for a Panasonic-branded television (TC-50A400U), which definitely holds more weight with U.S. consumers than Changhong. $199 will get you an LED-backlighting, 1080p resolution screen, 60Hz refresh rate, and two HDMI ports.

Best Buy lists the regular price for the TV at $499.99, making for a $300 savings. Keep in mind, however, that Best Buy says that this deal is in-store only, which means that you won’t be able to stay up late Thursday night waiting to hit the “Place Order” button in your boxers. You’ll have to wait in line with the rest of the drones hopped up on caffeine and stuffed full of turkey.
Best Buy also doesn’t make any mention of how many TVs will be in each store, so the $199 price may only be applicable to the lucky handful that are sitting at the front of the line.
Besides the $199 50” Panasonic HDTV, Best Buy will also be offering $100 off on all iPad Air 2 tablets, $90 off Beats Solo headphone, $50 off Nest thermostats, $50 off the GoPro Hero 3+ Silver, and will offer a 500GB PlayStation 4 bundle with Grand Theft Auto V and The Last of Us for $399.99.
You can see the full list of Best Buy’s Black Friday goodies here.

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