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Best Buy says "So Long, Farewell" to analog televisions

Over-the-air (OTA) analog TV broadcasts will be eliminated completely from the U.S. on February 17. 2009. Thanks to regulations from the U.S. government, all OTA broadcasts from that point on will be all-digital.

In order to accommodate customers who rely on analog OTA broadcasts, the government will issue two $40 coupons to each American household which are good towards the purchase of a digital-to-analog converter box. According to early estimates, the converter boxes will retail for $60 to $70.

Best Buy, however, is ahead of the game and has completely exited the analog TV business. The company has removed all analog TVs from its stores and from now on will only sell models with digital tuners included.

Best Buy also announced that it will sell the upcoming DTV converter boxes and will accept the government issued coupons to use towards the purchase price.

"We are committed to helping people understand the digital television transition, and exiting the analog video business is one way we can help avoid confusion," said Best Buy senior VP Mike Vitelli.

"Customers can now be sure that any television they purchase at Best Buy will be fully compliant with the digital television transition. And for customers who aren’t in the market for a new television, we can help you find the best solution to meet your needs."

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