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Will cost you $199 with a contract, $599 outright

Engadget posted pictures of the Best Buy display of the upcoming Motorola Droid 2 from Verizon, confirming the rumored price tag. Interested buyers will be able to pick up the follow-up to the popular Droid for $199.99 with a qualifying two-year contract, or $599 outright.


A sharp Floridian reader also submitted a Verizon promo showcasing the Droid 2 in yesterday's Tampa Tribune. The ad shows the Droid 2 in a succession of other top Droid phones, including the Incredible and the X, with a "coming soon" tag listed where the price appears on the other handsets.

A release date for the Droid 2 has not been confirmed, though rumors of an August 12 launch have been buzzing around the web. The original, nine-month-old Droid is out-of-stock on Verizon's website, suggesting the replacement's impending launch.

The Droid 2 is more of an upgrade to the original device than a bona fide, must-have replacement. It will be the first handset in the U.S. to ship with Android 2.2 "Froyo," beating out the recently released Droid X, and packs a full QWERTY keyboard, 1 GHz OMAP processor, 8GB of internal storage (with an 8GB micro-SD card included), and a an updated version of the Motoblur overlay. 

Early critics of the handset have pointed to the lack of a front-facing camera and no HDMI out.

The folks over at Droid-Life got their hands on a leaked user guide for the device, which you can check out for yourself here

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HDMI out?
By crimson117 on 8/9/2010 9:27:05 AM , Rating: 5
Why do you need HDMI out on a phone?

RE: HDMI out?
By Spuke on 8/9/2010 9:32:23 AM , Rating: 4
So you can plug the phone into the TV and show those HD vacation videos.

RE: HDMI out?
By xsilver on 8/9/2010 9:33:04 AM , Rating: 2
For those that would want to display their pics/vids on their tv without having to worry about proprietary cables that may or may not have to be purchased separately.

Then again, its going to be hdmi mini/micro so you'll have to get/have an adapter anyways.

RE: HDMI out?
By omnicronx on 8/9/10, Rating: 0
RE: HDMI out?
By Manch on 8/9/2010 12:38:14 PM , Rating: 2
When picking and choosing between two phones with similar features at similar price points, why would you opt for the phone that has less features?

Same reason people buy iphones or they pick a certain brand of car over another even if it's inferior.

Most people dont exclusively use logic to decide on something. They instead they let their feelings, public opinion, etc sway their decision. GM for example puts out some nice cars. I wont buy one. I'll buy a Ford instead. Theirs no logic to this. I simply will not buy a post bailout GM.

RE: HDMI out?
By mcnabney on 8/9/10, Rating: -1
RE: HDMI out?
By Manch on 8/9/2010 2:01:53 PM , Rating: 2
What you just said is equivalent to owning shares in Pepsico, but refusing to drink their products.

No all I said was people do not use just logic when making purchase decisions. I own Ford stock and I buy Ford products. While the US Govt may have bailed out GM using the people's money, I'll never see a dime of it and neither will you. So no it's nothing like what you said.

Either that or you just hate America and don't want the Feds to be able to sell their stake in GM and get their money back.

The fact that I like most people let personal feelings influence my buying decisions means I hate America? I've been serving in the Armed Forces for the last 12 years and continue to do so.

BTW, #1 The Fed's will never recover the money.

#2 It's not their money, it's the peoples money.

Politicians and apparently you seem to ignore or forget that fact.

Next time try to read things in context, and don't things proportion. Idiot

RE: HDMI out?
By omnicronx on 8/9/2010 3:45:26 PM , Rating: 2
GM for example puts out some nice cars. I wont buy one. I'll buy a Ford instead. Theirs no logic to this. I simply will not buy a post bailout GM.
Thats completely subjective. If I am a conservative and I do not condone socialistic activity, are you really trying to say that there would be no logic to my decision making process in this situation? Is it truly illogical to not support something I don't believe in?

Same goes in this situation, if form factor is a my single biggest priority, is it truly illogical to buy a phone based on looks over performance?

The Hdmi out of the Droid Incredible was a big selling point, and I know more than a few people that would not have bought this device, had it not comes with HDMI out.

All the article is pointing out is that its non keyboard brother, boasts hdmi and a front facing camera and this device does not, and that could have an impact on the choice of a consumer for a phone with the same OS, made by the same manufacturer, offered by the same carrier with similar price points. You are kidding yourself if you don't think this will have an impact in the decision of consumers.

And really, at the point where someone is comparing two droid phones, they've already made their choice of platform and carrier.

RE: HDMI out?
By Manch on 8/9/2010 5:30:46 PM , Rating: 2
I dont disagree with you. And, yeah of course it's subjective. But you asked why would someone pick a phone with lesser features. I'm not saying there is no logic to your decision, of course their is. I'm just saying that logic aside, your feelings influence your decisions and lots of times trump logic all together (see Apple Sheeple).

I guess I could have been more clear.( I was on a teleconference...snore) As far as my GM example goes my point was I wont buy a GM car because of how I feel about the company. They do in fact have some very nice cars. Objectively looking at some of there cars compared to some of the Fords, spec wise they seem to be a better deal(no not the slowmaro). That's all for naught because I refuse to buy one and that's why I say there is no logic to it because it's based on my feelings my anti-socialist, anti-communism, America F@CK YEAH!, feelings.

RE: HDMI out?
By bhieb on 8/9/2010 10:55:12 AM , Rating: 2
Another use (at modern motels with flat screens), is to load your movies on it and play them instead of Pay per view. Believe it or not I carry a cheap universal remote with my laptop for just this use. This way you can access the menu and change inputs if the TV does not have physical buttons.

By Dimkaumd on 8/9/2010 10:07:39 AM , Rating: 2
Engadget story shows that Droid 2 will come with a 1ghz processor, not 750mhz as listed in the above story....

Am I missing something?

RE: processor?
By cmdrdredd on 8/9/2010 10:20:27 AM , Rating: 3
Engadget story shows that Droid 2 will come with a 1ghz processor, not 750mhz as listed in the above story....

It's odd to me as well because the Droid x already outclasses the Droid 2. I still don't know why there are 2 Droids, and why the Droid x doesn't have Android OS 2.2 yet.

RE: processor?
By omnicronx on 8/9/2010 11:03:48 AM , Rating: 2
The Droid name is not via any manufacturer, it is Verizon's moniker for their Android line of phones. If its not Verizon, its not a Droid..

While I do agree the Droid X seems to be the better phone, it does not have a keyboard, which is one of the reasons the original droid was so successful. Many people just can't live without it.

RE: processor?
By adiposity on 8/9/2010 11:56:02 AM , Rating: 2
The Droid name is not via any manufacturer, it is Verizon's moniker for their Android line of phones. If its not Verizon, its not a Droid..

Yes, but irrelevant since both Droid X and Droid 2 come from Motorola. So they are building two new Droids with the "inferior" one coming out after the other.

Even though, if I got one of these two, it would be Droid 2. Keyboard is important to me, which is why I still have my original Droid.

RE: processor?
By mcnabney on 8/9/2010 1:03:39 PM , Rating: 2
They are almost identical devices.

Droid X has a larger screen and video out.

Droid 2 has a physical keyboard and ships with 2.2 while X will get it a month or two after launch.

Also, the 4.3" displays are not terribly pocket friendly, so there is certainly a market for the 3.7" Droid 1/2 display.

Personally I like the idea of launching sibling-phones for those that want a keyboard and those that do not. Just another example of why Android>iPhone. Choice.

RE: processor?
By omnicronx on 8/9/2010 1:08:22 PM , Rating: 2
You kind of just proved my point, the two phones have a different appeal, one has a keyboard one does not. You would chose the 'inferior' model because you want the keyboard. So has Motorola really made a bad decision here curtailing to two different types of users? I don't feel that is the case.

RE: processor?
By omnicronx on 8/9/2010 11:01:36 AM , Rating: 3
There were originally conflicting reports, I've seen the early articles on Gizmodo (and other sites) saying its only 750Mhz. It appears now that everyone has it listed at 1Ghz.

By SkullOne on 8/9/2010 8:50:41 AM , Rating: 2
If the bootloader is locked on Droid 2 well I guess I'll go and grab a few original Droid's from eBay and stick with that for a while.

Moto needs to pull their head out of the sand and leave the bootloader unlocked. I know I void my warranty when I root and flash custom ROMs. I don't care. It's my property. I'll just get another on eBay if I destroy my device.

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