The Climate Debate turns ugly

It's been a bad year for Global Warming Alarmists.   Researchers are finding more and more evidence of natural warming events in the earth's past, events that were far more rapid and dramatic than first thought.  Several scientists, disgusted with the media's refusal to carry their mesage accurately, have begun writing letters and books.  Even the UN's Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change, which has long been the most vocal supporter of climate alarmism, has finished its Fourth Assessment report, which lowers worst case estimates sharply, and cuts in half long-term predictions for sea level rise.  Evidence of the beneficial aspects of continues to mount, with arctic seal populations increasing, longer growing seasons, and less extreme temperature swings.

Is it any wonder environmentalists are getting even more emotional in the debate?  In public, they state they simply want "truth to out," but the reality is a bit different.  Recently, Weather Channel host Heidi Cullen made a strong bid to silence the opposition, calling for the removal of AMS certification for meteorologists who challenged the belief in catastrophic human-induced global warming.   In it, she compared global warming denial to "going on air and saying that hurricanes rotate clockwise," apparently herself unaware that in the southern hemisphere hurricanes do indeed rotate in this direction.  Cullen's statement immediately provoked outrage from meteorologists around the nation, with one of them angrily proclaiming, "I don't know a single meteorologist who buys into the man-made global warming hype."

Heidi Cullen gained earlier fame for hosting environmental writer David Roberts, who openly called for Nuremberg-style war crimes trials (complete with death sentences) for any scientist brave enough to dispute the public hysteria on global warming.  How's that for support of scientific truth and free speech?   In the past, reporters just hung up on scientists who didn't agree with their beliefs ... now they want to lynch them!

Luckily, its not yet illegal to research the true causes of global warming.  Late last year, atmospheric physicist S. Fred Singer released his book, Unstoppable Global Warming (Every 1500 Years), detailing the current warming trend's correspondence with a natural 1500-year cycle.  Singer notes that most of the current warming ocurred before 1940, and thus before the majority of man's CO2 emissions.  He further notes that, since 1940, the earth experienced one 30-year long cooling trend, followed by a 30-year warming trend...both of which were much smaller than the warming right after 1900.  Singer's documenting of 600 past historical events of rapid warming further supports his views.

Also, Danish Physicist Henrik Svensmark has a book coming out next month: The Chilling Stars: A New Theory of Climate Change.  In it, he details his research on cosmic radiation-induced atmospheric cloud formation.   Svensmark points out that already-observed changes in solar flux act to reduce cloud cover, and thus cause the earth to reflect less solar radiation back into space.   This quite obviously causes a moderate degree of warming...just as we've seen.

Is global warming a man-made danger ... or a part of a natural cycle?  More and more scientiests are leaning to the latter.  Will the media be brave enough to report their research, or will public hysteria win the day?

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