BMW Vision EfficientDynamics Concept   (Source: Autoblog Green)
Vehicle is a plug-in hybrid with performance and fuel economy

BMW has officially unveiled the Vision EfficientDynamics Concept that will be on display at the Frankfurt auto show in a few weeks. The vehicle is a concept that uses a new BMW powertrain that combines a plug-in hybrid system with a small 3-cylinder diesel engine.

According to BMW, the plug-in hybrid vehicle can get 62.6 mpg and still do 0-62 mph in 4.8 seconds. The three-cylinder diesel engine is 1.5 liters and has a turbocharger. The engine has a power rating of 163 hp with a peak torque of 214 lb-ft and is paired with the BMW 6-speed DCT that is similar to the one used in the M3 and Z4 sports cars.

Along with the diesel engine, the concept uses a hybrid system developed from the one that will be debuting in the ActiveHybrid 7. The concept has an 80hp electric motor for the front axle and a 33 hp electric motor between the engine and transmission. When tallied up the total power output of the vehicle is 356 hp with 590 lb-ft of torque.

BMW used battery tech similar to the GM Volt with a lithium polymer battery pack that runs down the center of the vehicle and offers 8.6kWh of power. BMW claims that the battery pack will be able to use 80% of its power compared to the Volt only being able to use 50% of its power.

The hybrid concept can travel 31 miles on electric power alone. Unlike the Volt running on electric power only, the BMW concept relies on both the electric and combustion engine combined at all times. The engine is mounted in the middle of the car allowing BMW to design slippery bodywork to reduce the drag coefficient and improve the concepts efficiency.

The chassis is made from aluminum and the skin of the concept is made from a light-sensitive polycarbonate making the entire vehicle weigh 3,076 pounds. The polycarbonate bodywork gets darker as light shines on it.

As is the case with most concept cars, BMW hasn't announced production plans for the Vision EfficientDynamics vehicle. However, expect to see its powertrain offered in future production vehicles.

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