After 2014 vehicles without AEB systems are unlikely to get five-star crash ratings in Europe

Automakers all around the world are working on new and improved systems to increase driver safety. One such improvement that automakers all around the world are beginning to implement are emergency braking systems that are able to bring the car to a stop with minimal or even no driver input. Autonomous Emergency Braking (AEB) uses various vehicle sensors such as radar, lasers, and video technology to detect impending collisions and stop the car without driver input.
Some automakers are working on versions of the system that work at low speeds while others will work at both low and high speeds. Automakers are also working on systems that are also able to identify pedestrians and stop the vehicle when sensors determine that a collision could occur.
According to the European Commission, AEB systems could reduce accidents by up to 27%, eventually saving as many as 8,000 lives each year. The AEB systems could also potentially save between £3.9 billion and £6.3 billion yearly from reduced accidents. Other studies indicate that there is also a significant financial gain to be made from reducing congestion associated with accidents.
Philippe Jean of the EC, stated, “Our studies indicate that the resulting reduction in congestion due to accidents would represent an economic value of about €100 million (£78.5m) in Germany alone.”
Jean has also announced that all commercial vehicles will be required to have AEB technology fitted to be able to get European Type Approval starting in November of 2013. That proposal was also being considered passenger cars.
The Euro NCAP has also announced that it is including AEB unit safety assessment starting in 2014. According to EURO NCAP, which is a European crash test organization, it would be "practically impossible" for models not equipped with AEB to earn a five star crash rating. 
Motorists could also see insurance premiums decrease for vehicles fitted with AEB systems. 

Source: Telegraph

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