Audi Holographic Assistant
Audi dealership in Sydney gets holographic assistance

The USS Voyager had its own holographic doctor that took care of the needs of its crew. Holographic doctors are still a long way off in the real world, but Australian Audi dealers are now getting some help from a new holographic assistant.

Audi and Australian firm PDM have announced that a new holographic virtual assistant is in use at Audi Centre Sydney. The hologram is reportedly designed to facilitate enhanced communication and customer experience by delivering special digital content and technology to customers in the showroom.

The virtual assistant is a life-size virtual construct using 3M's dynamic Vikuti rear projection film and a rear mounted projector. The image is projected onto a 10mm thick chunk of Perspex that becomes a virtual talking person.

Allen Brinck from the Sydney Audi dealership said, "The Audi brand prides itself on innovation and quality and being a progressive brand, we are once again leading the way with this cutting-edge installation. We have been aware of PDM’s track record of innovation in the Australian marketplace for quite some time. The Virtual assistant is a great way for us to connect with our customers and a great example of Audi’s progressive brand coming to life."

The Hologrpahic Virtual Assistant allows Audi to provide visitors to its show room with targeted messages while they visit the showroom and to gather knowledge about Audi products.

Julie Frikken PDM Creative and Planning Director said in a statement, "The possibilities in the Out-of-Home sector have exploded over the last few years and PDM have consistently embraced new technologies to engage with an increasingly desensitised consumer. We have led the way with innovation in the Australian marketplace and Audi’s Holographic Virtual Assistant is a great example of this. Building on our expertise within this media, PDM’s digital content capabilities and forward thinking approach mean we can drive good ideas into fabulous business strategies for companies like Audi."

Holograms of a different type are being looked at for use in medicine and defense.

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