Refresh of ultra-affordable microcontroller/microcomputer offers a number of desirable tweaks

After two years of strong sales and incredible response from the tinkerer/DIY community, the Raspberry Pi Foundation has a final set of tweaks to the higher priced variant of its first generation pocket computer, the Raspberry Pi B.

Dubbed the Raspberry Pi B+, the new version still uses most of the same hardware (including packing the same 512 MB memory footprint).  And it's still available for $35 -- from Farnell/element14/Newark, and at RS/Allied Components.
Raspberry Pi B+
The Raspberry Pi B+ board

Here's a quick change list:
  • I/O
    • GP (general purpose) -- 14 new pins in header, for a grand total of 40 (was 26)
    • USB -- 4 ports (was 2)
    • microSD -- better/snugger push-push fit housing (was friction fit)
    • audio -- new noise-reduction power conditioning circuitry
    • composite video -- moves onto the 3.5 mm audio out jack
  • Efficiency
    • Switching regulators -- cut power usage by 0.5-1.0 watts
  • General
  • USB -- headers now aligned with circuit board
  • Mounting holes (new) -- allow for easy mounts to spacers in project boxes

Raspberry Pi has posted a number of videos about the upgrade:

Can we expect a similar upgrade to the Model A (256 MB, 1 USB port, currently), which launched last year?  We'll have to wait and see.

Source: Raspberry Pi Foundation

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