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Screenshot from Assassin's Creed 2  (Source: Ubisoft)
Assassin's Creed 2 is also expected to help draw gamers out of the woodwork this shopping season

Just one week after the record-breaking launch of Call of Duty:  Modern Warfare 2 helped kickstart the holiday shopping season, Ubisoft plans to release Assassin's Creed 2 on Tuesday at midnight.

Specifically, Ubisoft designed the second game to offer even more mission and objective flexibility, additional characters and NPCs, and new character development.  The game itself has players work their through an environment similar to the Italian Renaissance, with a realistic portrayal of the 15th century, according to Ubisoft.

The second Assassin's Creed game is expected to be one of the most popular games this holiday season, but isn't expected to launch with the same enthusiasm as CoD.  The first version of Assassin's Creed has sold more than 4 million copies worldwide in 2007, with the sequel entering development immediately after the first game's release.

Assassin's Creed 2 will be available tomorrow for the Microsoft Xbox 360 and Sony PlayStation 3 game consoles, with a PC game launch expected early next year.

The video game industry has struggled as of late, but November could prove to be a good month for the industry.  Assassin's Creed 2 is expected to be the second of three highly anticipated games to launch during the month.  The final anticipated game title is New Super Mario Bros. Wii, a Nintendo Wii exclusive, which should also help generate spending among Wii owners.

The video game industry made $21.3 billion last year, and depending on the popularity of Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 2, Assassin's Creed 2 and New Super Mario Bros. Wii, it's possible the 2009 industry tally could be from $20 billion to $21 billion.

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Blame WoW
By Motoman on 11/16/2009 3:18:37 PM , Rating: 5
...I started playing WoW last Jan. or so.

In that time, I have bought no other games. I don't have any plans to buy other games. I have games that others bought for me sitting on the desk that may never get played. Family members asking if there's any games I want for X-Mas are getting an emphatic "NO."

I just can't see me spending any time at all playing any game other than WoW for the foreseeable future. That's just a statement of fact. WoW has destroyed my personal game buying activity.

RE: Blame WoW
By Machinegear on 11/16/2009 3:23:15 PM , Rating: 5
One game to rule them all...


RE: Blame WoW
By Motoman on 11/16/2009 5:32:19 PM , Rating: 5
...I wanted to, but as I turned from my computer to do so, I heard...

I'm sorry Dave, I can't let you do that.

...which was way freaky. 'Cuz my name's not Dave.

RE: Blame WoW
By quiksilvr on 11/16/2009 7:12:54 PM , Rating: 2
What is the long lasting appeal in WoW? You level up, get items and face quests, but that's IT. And on top of that, you're paying 10-15 bucks A MONTH just to do it. I mean, games like online FPS get repetitive, but at least its free.

RE: Blame WoW
By ClownPuncher on 11/16/2009 7:44:57 PM , Rating: 2
As with any MMORPG, you customize your character exactly how you want. In your standard FPS, there is no character, it is just you, and there is no customization past turning off auto-aim.

In a MMORPG, your character becomes part of the lore and part of the community.

In short, it has nerd appeal.

RE: Blame WoW
By FastEddieLB on 11/16/2009 9:36:20 PM , Rating: 5
You're forgetting the community. People make friends on MMOs, so leaving an MMO is, quite literally, leaving a community.

RE: Blame WoW
By MindParadox on 11/17/2009 4:57:38 AM , Rating: 3
As with any MMORPG, you customize your character exactly how you want.

nope, you customize your character to tailor it to exactly how/what the game says is the best way to have it

there isnt any real customization in MMOs, at least, not in WoW, EQ(1 or 2), Lineage(1 or 2), or any other MMO you care to note

the games have a specific "best" that you have to try to get closer to, or you find yourself without group/guild, and forced to play without being able to see alot of the content in the game as a result

try again

Apostrophes cause catastrophes!

RE: Blame WoW
By Motoman on 11/17/2009 10:57:33 AM , Rating: 2
I would agree with you...if it wasn't for the fact that what you said was untrue. At least in WoW, although I tried getting into Lineage too and failed to get interested.

There's a wide array of effective ways to outfit and train your character. Obviously, ultimately you want to have a character that is effective for the purposes you want to use it for (questing, PvP, dungeons/raids, whatever), but there's many different ways to get to "effective."

RE: Blame WoW
By yomamafor1 on 11/16/2009 11:41:34 PM , Rating: 2
Except that you do this on a much larger skill. Leveling up takes at least 5 months, if you don't use any sort of guides (that requires money). After that, you would spend the next 6 months trying to get gears to play what most players play at. WoW is a really time consuming game.

RE: Blame WoW
By Grit on 11/16/2009 11:46:00 PM , Rating: 4
Hmmm... $15/month to play as long as I want


$60 to play 5 hours of CoD MW2 ? I'll keep my MMO thanks.

Unfortunately folks, the days of great games is coming to a close. Games are being made to sell, not to be good, and the lowest common denominators are X-Box 360s and PS3s. I relish the days when great games were made FOR the PC. But alas, we're losing the war because of profit.

In the case of COD MW, where you could have mods and your own servers, there was re-playability to the multiplayer component. But again, PC's fall victim to the consoles, where you don't get/need your own server in CoD MW2.

Come to think of it, we do the same with music... everyone downloads crappy quality MP3s and hums along happily. Even CDs are becoming harder to purchase because the masses don't care about quality, just convenience.

PC games ported to consoles CAN equal a great game all around.

Console games ported to the PC are never what they could be.

So, the gaming industry isn't getting my money. Not because of MMO's, but because they don't produce anything worth what they're charging. Unfortunately, I'm in the minority. Fortunately, we still have MMO's and at least a few companies like Blizzard that aren't going to sacrifice quality.

RE: Blame WoW
By bfr on 11/17/2009 3:15:50 AM , Rating: 2
Hmmm... $15/month to play as long as I want OR $60 to play 5 hours of CoD MW2 ? I'll keep my MMO thanks.

One could play multiplayer MW2 for as long as one wants for no additional cost.

And i'd much rather have a game I can pick up and put down rather than one that seems to end up sucking up most the spare hours a person has ('in moderation' seems to be a concept a large number of WoW users struggle with)

RE: Blame WoW
By XtremeM3 on 11/17/2009 3:53:39 AM , Rating: 4
I agree. Most people seem to be leaving out the multiplayer aspect of the game. Also, most people here seem to be rather closed minded. I'm not a fan of the "grind" associated with WoW, although plenty of people are. Every game is repetitive in some form or fashion. Personally, I love getting on and playing games like CoD with friends who are also "casual" gamers. Instead of just jumping into a multiplayer game of CoD and running around all "lone wolf", I'd rather play tactically with a group of 3 or 4 and dominate the other team that is each running around doing their own thing. I can easily kill 8 hours(or more) of a Saturday doing this, not to mention a couple of hours a day during the week if my schedule permits. But I don't have to keep up with it, or fall behind if I don't play for a few weeks or even months. I can still pick up CoD 4 and jump into some MP matches and enjoy it.

There is a decent amount of customization allowed within the CoD series as well, with different combinations of attachments/perks/equipment. And playing multiplayer puts you against enough random people, and their different play styles to keep the game from being too repetitive...IMHO

I enjoy the single player as well, but it's not why I buy the games. I loved the campaign for CoD4 and played through it a few times. I haven't played through MW2's campaign much yet, as I've been focused on multiplayer so far, but I'm sure I'll get into it eventually.

It all just comes down to personal preference...if there isn't a market for it, then it will fail. If there is a market for it, why call that demographic stupid for liking those types of games. I'd hate to see the gaming industry come to producing only a few different types of games. I like my shooter/action games and you can keep your MMOs.

Can't we all just get along?!?! heh..

RE: Blame WoW
By Hiawa23 on 11/17/2009 9:35:00 AM , Rating: 3
Games are being made to sell, not to be good, and the lowest common denominators are X-Box 360s and PS3s. '

Wow, you PC elites are hilarious. The consoles are not the lowest common denominators if you are like me, & have never liked PC, mouse/KB gaming. Games are being made to sell, & not be good, LOL, are you joking? I can't speak for anyone but myself, & I own all the current gen consoles & I own every console since the Nes days, as my tastes go, there are plenty of good to great games on the consoles that also sell well.

Wow, you PC guys are hilarious, I mean every thread it's the same garbage no matter the website. You remind me of the bible thumper hipocrits who stand on their soapboxes judging & bashing everyone that doesn't share their superior view. Console Gaming has been fine as my tastes go, infact between all three of the consoles I have too much to play.

RE: Blame WoW
By Sazar on 11/17/2009 5:16:05 PM , Rating: 2
While I disagree with the nature of the rant you responded to, I have to disagree with your post.

The PC elites you are referring to are simply unhappy at cheap conversion jobbies done to games and being sold as PC products. Take Borderlands for example. I love the game, it plays so much better on a PC than on console and while you may not like a kb/mouse setup, it is perfect in this game.

Even so, the entire consolized menu/navigation system really grinds my gears (yes, I said it). If you are going to make several tens of millions from a market (PC gaming), why not provide a GOOD game that doesn't have a cheap knock-off style menu system.

This is why I love games like Crysis/Warhead and the Half Life series. You don't have compromises.

No issues with designing for an Xbox, the companies are for-profit after-all. But at least spend a little longer fixing the ridiculous menu navigation screens for the PC users who will inevitably use the products. Little things like that go a long way to soothing the end-user's customer experience.

RE: Blame WoW
By Hiawa23 on 11/17/2009 6:37:46 PM , Rating: 2
I understand the argument you PC guys make, but this argument about profit, come on, what comapny out there is not in business to make a profit & devs make the game to the base who are going to buy the games. What happened to the PC industry where PC gamers are now bashing devs consolizing games. I have never even heard that word used before. Your issue seems to be with devs, contact them & let us know why they are holding back the industry so called, by you, by consolizing their games, most of us are fine with the nice selection we have on our consoles. Seems like the only way devs are going to change anything is by their pockets taking a hit, & if they are selling more console games why wouldn't they cater to this market?

RE: Blame WoW
By Leper Messiah on 11/17/2009 12:40:45 PM , Rating: 2
Your rant has so many fallacies that it isn't even funny. Making games has always been about profit. Ask Romero and his Ferrari. Consoles are getting closer and closer to PCs in terms of programming, so of course it makes more sense to program for their API's first instead of PCs. Your statement that PC games ported to consoles make good games is so patently false that I nearly spit out my coffee. Name a single good game that was a direct port of a PC game. Just about all your sports, fighting and racing games are ported from consoles to PCs and with a little attention to detail, mainly in the form of menu management and input control, they do well. It's almost always easier to make a game for a console, and then add extra content/sparklies to the engine, etc., instead of making a game for PC and cutting it down to make it work on a console.

I won't even really touch your horrible analogy about CDs to MP3s, I'll just say two characters: v0.

The gaming industry doesn't care about your money, people like you are such a small segment of the overall population that it's just not smart business sense to cater to people like you. Maybe as a niche market perhaps, but to expect major game studios to put a market that is 25% of their sales/profits tops before the console market is just plain asinine.

RE: Blame WoW
By piroroadkill on 11/17/2009 6:09:09 AM , Rating: 2
Bam, you got it all wrong. The main reason to play WoW, and indeed, the reason I continue to play, is playing with people I know, chatting to them on voice chat, and generally sticking together as a group.

If you were on your own with nobody else, I imagine you'd run out of steam pretty quick

RE: Blame WoW
By TSS on 11/17/2009 10:47:08 AM , Rating: 2

go watch that, specifically from 10:00 onwards. It's pretty old by now, but it's pretty much on target for anybody playing a MMO for the first time. And WoW was the first time for a *lot* of people.

RE: Blame WoW
By Motoman on 11/17/2009 10:54:16 AM , Rating: 2
WoW is the only MMORPG that ever appealed to me...and I'd tried some others and couldn't get into them.

WoW is vastly richer in content and features than other games. The story and quests are engaging and compelling. The social aspect is very involving.

And there's WAY more to WoW than quests. Enormous amounts of group things to do aside from quests, special events and contests, so on and so forth.

There's not really anything else in the world that truly compares to WoW. Everything else on the web does only a small portion of what WoW can do.

RE: Blame WoW
By Schadenfroh on 11/17/2009 12:23:04 AM , Rating: 2
Sounds like his $15 a month is saving him loads of money compared to the typical $60 game that gives you about 8 hours of gameplay. Or one could just play the latest version of CoD over and over and over and over and over and over and over.

RE: Blame WoW
By Aloonatic on 11/17/2009 6:44:19 AM , Rating: 2
So are you saying that MMORPGABCXYZs are not at all repetative?

There's plenty gong on, on-line, with many games and FPS are not all that there is. People like to race and play in their little big planets as well as fight off hordes and capture flags (& lots of other things too no doubt) with the help of their friends.

How much does each upgrade/expansion pack cost too?

Still, if people are happy with whatever choice they make, then who cares?

I assume that Blizzard sell WoW vouchers, like iPod/iTunes/iStore (whatever it's called) vouchers? If not, they are missing a trick as it sounds like the OP would love to get those for xMas. I know that a few of my more distant family members will be getting those to fill their iPods with more music that sounds like the other songs they already have, just a bit different.

RE: Blame WoW
By Motoman on 11/17/2009 11:04:31 AM , Rating: 2
Personally I don't care about the monthly fees...and I buy them in 6-month chunks to get a good deal.

Other MMORPGs I tried are repetitive and uninteresting. Blizzard got it right with WoW. It's in a league of it's own.

The ~$12 or so I pay a month to play is an infinitely better investment than paying $60 for anything I might get on a console or non-MMORPG PC game. I get enormous amounts of enjoyment and game time from WoW, and don't ever see that running out. I might play a console game for about 10 or 12 hours, and then that's it for the most part. GH being the only difference, but really I only play that when we have friends come over.

I get probably 40 to 50 hours of WoW play time per month. And it keeps me in touch with family and friends. Compare that to $60 for 12 hours of play on a console game or something? Pretty clear who's using their gaming dollars wisely..

RE: Blame WoW
By jonmcc33 on 11/16/2009 3:39:56 PM , Rating: 4
Yep, typical WOW addiction. Pretty soon you will abandon all your real life friends and family too. If they don't have WOW alter egos then you will not even acknowledge them as existing.

RE: Blame WoW
By Reclaimer77 on 11/16/09, Rating: -1
RE: Blame WoW
By Iaiken on 11/16/2009 4:54:37 PM , Rating: 3
I hardly think you are in a position to declare him a WOW addict based on the information given in his post.

For all you know he plays a grand total of three hours per week. In that case it makes perfect sense that he doesn't have time for other games.

Instead to make some venomous hyperbolic statement because you believe that people are more likely to become addicted to WoW than gambling, working out, or killing hookers.

Currently, you can clear ALL of the top level content in World of Warcraft in about 5 hours, maybe 6 if you suck.

*Insert cheesy one-liner about assumptions*

RE: Blame WoW
By Hieyeck on 11/16/2009 5:05:07 PM , Rating: 1
I knew a Korean girl named Yoo-mee (I assume this is the proper spelling of her name) in middle school. As you can assume, making assumptions was a great source mirth amongst our class. I assume you know the idiom of course.

RE: Blame WoW
By Iaiken on 11/16/2009 5:09:47 PM , Rating: 2
Too awesome!

RE: Blame WoW
By yomamafor1 on 11/16/2009 11:49:30 PM , Rating: 2
So if the person abandon other games in favor of one online game, he has abandoned his real life, his real friends, and his real world.

That logic is simply bullet proof.

RE: Blame WoW
By ExarKun333 on 11/16/2009 3:50:39 PM , Rating: 2
I just can't see me spending any time at all playing any game other than WoW for the foreseeable future. That's just a statement of fact. WoW has destroyed my personal life in it's entirety.

There - Fixed!

RE: Blame WoW
By Motoman on 11/16/2009 4:28:08 PM , Rating: 2
Not exactly, and in reference to other posts up there...

I play WoW in exclusion of any other games, but I manage my personal and work life just fine.

I will admit to spending more free time gaming than I used to though. Like, instead of reading a magazine or watching TV, I play WoW.

Interestingly enough, WoW keeps me in touch with my brother (who lives ~24 hours away) and friends that I don't see much. Now I talk to them every day.

RE: Blame WoW
By Bateluer on 11/16/2009 4:46:55 PM , Rating: 1
That is what Facebook is for.

RE: Blame WoW
By HaB1971 on 11/16/2009 5:03:27 PM , Rating: 4
who lives ~24 hours away

I hope that was a 24 drive otherwise he is living 1 day in the future/past from you. :P

RE: Blame WoW
By Rike on 11/16/2009 6:26:21 PM , Rating: 2
Until AT forums switched over to vBulletin, that was actually possible.

RE: Blame WoW
By Bateluer on 11/16/2009 4:02:13 PM , Rating: 2
Really? I can't stand more than 15 minutes or so of WoW. Tried to play it again with the trial, but pretty much stopped playing after the first day.

RE: Blame WoW
By bhieb on 11/16/2009 4:48:33 PM , Rating: 2
On a related note. I caved to the PR and bought MW2, because I wanted a single player game that I can pause and respond to distractions. While installing it I logged onto WoW, ended up getting talked into a raid, followed by the Wintergrasp PVP, and a few PVP premades. Never even played MW2 that night. I have played it since, but I doubt it will catch on.

WoW as a game is not uber graphical, but it is a great social environment (but NOT a replacement for the real life). I have real life friends that, like others have said, I would never really keep in touch with any other way. Plus I've made other "friends" that I would love to sit down and have a drink with in real life (most if not all of my guild).

Too much of anything is no good. It is highly addictive, and I have had problems with over doing it, but if it comes down to plop down on the couch and watch TV, or fire up WoW, I choose WoW, at least I am interacting with real people.

RE: Blame WoW
By FastEddieLB on 11/16/2009 9:43:10 PM , Rating: 2
"Addictive" is a misused term. How many of your friends are you addicted to?

RE: Blame WoW
By akse on 11/17/2009 5:45:05 AM , Rating: 2
I've also got caught by a couple of Blizzard's excellent games.
First in 2000 I really got hooked to D2 multiplay. I played it straight until 2005 when I got into WoW which I still play but very little (keeping breaks every now and then).

During these times I haven't have time to buy/play many games since all the time had gone to these :) What a great money savers, since you don't have much time to go out drinking etc either :)

If I got to bar at weekend it's generally 50e-100e.. with that money I can pay 4-9 months of wow :)

RE: Blame WoW
By ShammGod126 on 11/17/2009 1:27:08 PM , Rating: 2
WOW is a ball of horsesh*t stuck between the nads of a donkey....

RE: Blame WoW
By Motoman on 11/17/2009 2:06:41 PM , Rating: 2
OMG you're right, what fools we've been! Oh, if only we'd had the benefit of your wise counsel before umpty million of us started playing WoW and decieving ourselves into thinking we enjoyed it!

Seriously though, just exactly how would a ball of horsepoo manage to get lodged between the balls of a donkey?

RE: Blame WoW
By Nik00117 on 11/18/2009 6:01:13 AM , Rating: 2
I intend on buying BC2, and Assassin Creed 2. Maybe getting int WOW too.

The way I look at it is in the long run WOW costs what $15 a month? I typically buy one new game per month at $49.99? That's a savings of $35

Maybe if these idiots spread out releases....
By VashHT on 11/16/2009 4:09:02 PM , Rating: 3
Someone needs to teach these guys what saturation means, as in market saturation. If any of these stupid publishers had the brains enough to release a decent game during the release dead zone they would probably make more money off of it. Instead they all release their games at the same times every year and wonder why people can't afford to buy 6 different 60$ games in 2 weeks.

RE: Maybe if these idiots spread out releases....
By FITCamaro on 11/16/2009 4:14:33 PM , Rating: 3
Seriously. Forza 3, MW2, Dragon Age, AC2, L4D2, know I'm leaving something out.

All within 3 weeks. It's crazy. No one with a job has this kind of time. Give us a month at least between these kinds of releases devs. We can't buy them all (at least most of us can't) and play them all.

RE: Maybe if these idiots spread out releases....
By AEvangel on 11/16/2009 5:58:54 PM , Rating: 2
Also there is Aion which is what I canceled my WoW account for.

By Mojo the Monkey on 11/16/2009 6:28:28 PM , Rating: 4
and Borderlands.

RE: Maybe if these idiots spread out releases....
By rtrski on 11/16/2009 5:56:50 PM , Rating: 2
Not all those games appeal to all gamers. If they all appeal to you you're probably in a minority.

I don't mind the Xmas rush - I can suggest a gift idea to 2 or 3 different relatives (well, could if AC2 PC was actually coming out before Xmas) and if I get even one, I'm covered for what gaming time I do have over the holidays. The rest I get piecemeal at a discount through 2/3 or so of next year.

Of course, that's not exactly "helping" the industry by buying them all at full price, but that's not my responsibility anyway.

By just4U on 11/17/2009 12:17:13 PM , Rating: 2
True enough .. Only one of those interests me and that's dragon age. For those who might be curious about it...

It's one of the best god damn games I have every played and I've been playing rpg's for a looong time. Well worth every single penny! I saw the hype around it and went Meh .. probably going to be a bit of a let down. Boy was I wrong. The reviews it's been getting are spot on.

By Zoomer on 11/16/2009 6:03:12 PM , Rating: 2
They should release it during summer. Almost no one does it then, and these in college are out, maybe working, and have the money and time for it.

By theflux on 11/16/2009 4:33:37 PM , Rating: 2
Exactly. I bought Modern Warfare 2, Uncharted 2, Halo ODST, and I'm getting the God of War Collection. That's it. I'm interested in Assassins Creed 2, Left 4 Dead 2, and Borderlands, but I just don't have the time for more games. I'll think about picking them up sometime next year when there is a drought.

Left 4 Dead 2
By KoreyJ on 11/16/2009 3:45:33 PM , Rating: 3
There's no mention of Left 4 Dead 2 which certainly is a high profile release that will drive sales.

RE: Left 4 Dead 2
By Meinolf on 11/16/2009 4:01:56 PM , Rating: 2
Love Left 4 Dead and pre-odered LFD2

RE: Left 4 Dead 2
By theflux on 11/16/2009 4:37:32 PM , Rating: 2
Loved Left 4 Dead, got burnt out. They should have waited to release a sequel and offered more DLC for the first. I'll wait a bit and grab it used.

RE: Left 4 Dead 2
By BuffDaddySmurf on 11/16/2009 4:57:31 PM , Rating: 2
Did you try any of the 20 Custom campaigns out there yet? There are some awesome campaigns that are much better then the ones that came with the game.(e.g.- Death Aboard/Night Terror/DeadCity/Death Row/Arena of the Dead/etc.) Go to

RE: Left 4 Dead 2
By Hieyeck on 11/16/2009 5:07:59 PM , Rating: 2
^ and that is why I'm waiting for the eventual 50%-off weekend sale.

RE: Left 4 Dead 2
By tviceman on 11/16/2009 6:07:05 PM , Rating: 2
Preetty sure he doesn't play the pc version since he said he'll get the second one "used."

RE: Left 4 Dead 2
By theflux on 11/16/2009 6:31:43 PM , Rating: 2
Sadly I purchased the 360 gimp edition.

RE: Left 4 Dead 2
By Mojo the Monkey on 11/16/2009 6:27:26 PM , Rating: 2
After playing the demo, I'm a bit disappointed. Graphically, it looks fantastic. I just dont like the changes to the player dynamics. I feel too slow/sluggish/momentous when moving, changing direction, and aiming. The responsiveness of the first was nice - it always helps to immerse you in the "extension of your own body" feeling. Not so with #2.

Oh well.

RE: Left 4 Dead 2
By FastEddieLB on 11/16/2009 9:44:55 PM , Rating: 2
No mention of God of War Collection either. I bet PS3 sales will jump sharply with that. Also no mention of Star Trek being released on DVD (not game related but it's all coming out on the same day, which makes you wonder...)

midnight... i'll be asleep thanks
By HaB1971 on 11/16/2009 3:45:36 PM , Rating: 2
I have been waiting for this game but i'll get it on my time. Launch parites or special store openings with a free donut and a coffee at a sleep unfriendly time (yeah i'm an old fuddy duddy) no thanks I think i'll pass on that.

Other than this Supreme Commander 2 is next on my radar but thats coming in 2010 some time, maybe, who knows.

Mario was released already...
By kamel5547 on 11/16/2009 6:42:43 PM , Rating: 2
The final anticipated game title is New Super Mario Bros. Wii,

Actually the Mario game released this Sunday so the final game would be Assassins Creed 2. At least the way I'm reading the article it implies that Mario was not released yet. <aybe its just me?

Left4Dead2 out today as well!!!
By Senju on 11/16/2009 11:12:59 PM , Rating: 2
I pre-ordered Left4Dead2 on Steam and waiting for it to get unlocked. A. Creed is not out on the PC until next year and also Aliens VS Preditor (2010) coming out. Someone noted that they all come out at the same time. Maybe we can say "Thank you for delays". :) Also, Left4Dead 1 has some new cool contents. As anyone tried "Dead before Dawn"? A bit buggy but really dam fun to shoot those zoombies in the mall. LOL!!!

work their through...
By riottime on 11/17/2009 6:52:27 AM , Rating: 2
The game itself has players work their through an environment similar to the Italian Renaissance, with a realistic portrayal of the 15th century, according to Ubisoft. does one 'work their through'?

"It's okay. The scenarios aren't that clear. But it's good looking. [Steve Jobs] does good design, and [the iPad] is absolutely a good example of that." -- Bill Gates on the Apple iPad

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