Intel recruiting for upcoming discrete graphics solutions and a hybrid CPU/GPU product

Intel is currently recruiting employees for its Visual Computing Group, or VCG, according to Beyond3D. The new recruits will work on unannounced Intel discrete graphics products and integrated CPU/GPU products to compete with AMD’s upcoming Fusion architecture.

According to the job description:
Intel's Visual Computing Group (VCG) has the mission to establish the future of computing for high-throughput workloads. We are focused on developing discrete graphics products based on a many-core architecture targeting high-end client platforms. Our vision is that the resulting ingredients and technology will extend to mobile clients, servers, and embedded platforms over time. VCG will initially focus on discrete graphics products but will also expand the previous charter to include developing plans for accelerated CPU integration.
VCG positions are available at Intel Hillsboro, Oregon and Austin, Texas campuses with various engineer and developer positions available. It is unknown when Intel's first discrete graphics product since the ill-fated i740 will materialize.

Shortly after the AMD acquisition of ATI, the company announced it would pursue a project called Fusion, a development tree aimed at integrating GPU elements into a CPU. Since then the company has remained silent about discrete graphics products.

With the entrance of Vista analysts predict upgradeable graphics may be a hot market.  In order to fully utilize Aero Glass and Flip 3D features in the premium versions of the OS, the computer needs considerably higher performance hardware than what is deployed in IGP setups today.  Cost effective, low end discrete graphics cards would bring the majority of last year's hardware up to snuff with Vista's hardware requirements.

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