It looks as though Sony isn't the only battery company that can't stand the heat

Sony isn't the only company having battery problems the days. It was announced today that Mitsubishi Electric Corp. and NTT DoCoMo Inc. are recalling 1.3 million batteries used in cell phone handsets.

The batteries were manufactured by the Sanyo GD Soft Energy Co. subsidiary of Sanyo Electric Co. DoCoMo has received confirmation of one incident in which a battery ruptured after overheating, while another seventeen cases are being investigated.

The actual cause for the overheating batteries has been linked to defective electrode plates that can pierce a battery cell's internal insulation. From that a point, a short circuit can occur causing the cell to overheat and rupture.

As a result of the recall, Mitsubishi FOMA D902i, D902iS and D903i handsets have been taken out of production and customers are being contacted with instructions on how to identify and get replacements for defective batteries.

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