The bottom of the PlayStation 3

Sony readies the PS3 for shipment to the US and Canada

Documents concerning the PlayStation 3 have been submitted by Sony to the FCC for approval. The PlayStation 3 must go through several regulatory procedures, especially for those concerning radio frequencies as the console does support Wi-Fi capabilities. Sony's FCC submission also includes the bottom label that will be attached to each console. The interesting bit however, is that there are two versions of the same sticker -- one for PlayStation 3 consoles manufactured by Sony in Japan and one for those manufactured in China by Asustek.

At this point, details are scarce on where the PlayStation 3 will be officially mass produced. Details on why the console is being manufactured in two different places are also vague. At first it would seem as though two manufacturing locations will help meet supply demands, but as DailyTech previously reported, yields on the Cell processor used in the PlayStation 3 are currently below ideal rates.

The good news is that Sony has already commenced manufacturing of the PlayStation 3. Currently, the labels indicate that manufacturing began early this month, which brings hope to the release of the console for the holiday season. The PlayStation 3 has been pushed back a number of times since its first showing at E3 shows several seasons ago. The release for Europe has been pushed back even later than for US and Canada. DailyTech previously reported that Europe will not receive PlayStation 3units until March of 2007.

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