Nikon rolls out a new Android-powered digital camera

Nikon has rolled out its new Coolpix S810c, which is point-and-shoot camera that runs the Android (4.2.2) operating system. The S810c features 12x optical zoom and a 16MP sensor. Nikon says that the OS and integrated Wi-Fi gives the camera a feel similar to that of a smartphone when in use.
What the OS allows is for users to shoot photos and video with the camera and then upload them directly to social networks like Twitter or Facebook. The camera also supports apps and access to Google Play. That means you can check email on the camera or email photos and video directly using the 3.7” rear display (provided you are near a Wi-Fi hotspot).

The 12x optical zoom lens has a 35mm equivalent range of 25-300mm and digital zoom that expands that up to 600mm. Nikon uses a 16MP backside illuminated sensor in the camera and it has built-in image stabilization.
Images can be touched up inside the camera and they can be appended with comments up to 400 characters. GPS functionality is built in allowing location data to be stored with the photos. Images are stored to microSDHC or SDXC cards and video can be recorded in full HD resolution.

The Coolpix S810c will launch in May with a price tag of $350.
Nikon rolled out its first Android-powered digital camera called the S800c back in 2012. Nikon’s use of that operating system in the S880c led to the company having to pay royalties to Microsoft

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