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Free memberships will require users to listen to some ads

Microsoft made an interesting announcement today regarding its upcoming Xbox One gaming console. Albert Penello, Microsoft’s Senior Director of Product Management and Planning, has confirmed that Xbox One owners that subscribe to Xbox Gold won't have to subscribe to Xbox Music – the service will come at no additional cost with an Xbox Gold subscription.

The only “catch” is that the free subscription to Xbox Music will mean they have to endure "periodic ads." There's no indication of exactly how many ads users will have to put up with.

Microsoft’s Xbox One will launch November 22 with a price tag of $499.


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RE: oh
By nafhan on 11/6/2013 11:19:56 AM , Rating: 2
If MS doesn't clarify, this kind of comes across as an "FU" to current XBox 360 owners with Gold subscriptions. As I'm trying to decide whether to renew Gold or get a Chromecast, this tips things a little further in the direction of the Chromecast.

I don't do a lot of multiplayer, but I use the 360 all the time for Netflix. I'll probably decide which next gen console to get into about a year after launch. I'm pretty sure I'll get one or the other, but I like to see how the dust settles.

RE: oh
By retrospooty on 11/6/2013 12:29:00 PM , Rating: 2
" this kind of comes across as an "FU" to current XBox 360 owners "

Most of that MS has done (some of which they backpeddled on) has been a huge FU to thier customers. Looks like they arent learning. Sad when Sony has a better grasp of what customers want than MS. Note to any company, if anyone anywhere thinks you are worse than Sony, you need to re-evaluate.

RE: oh
By nafhan on 11/6/2013 3:55:41 PM , Rating: 2
I'll believe Sony has a better grasp of what consumers want when I see it, and the same with MS. That's why I'm waiting until next year sometime to buy a next gen console.

RE: oh
By cbf on 11/6/2013 5:22:35 PM , Rating: 2
Not clear why they wouldn't also do this for XBox 360 Gold Subscribers.

As you say, let's see if this gets clarified.

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