Apple and Google are holding lots of meetings

Apple and Google are two of the biggest companies in the smartphone and have continually butted heads in legal matters. This bad blood, however, doesn't mean that the two companies don't talk and communicate. According to Google CEO Eric Schmidt, the two companies been conducting "lots and lots" of meetings.

Schmidt did say that Apple and Google are in "constant business discussions on a long list of issues." Eric Schmidt once sat on the board of Apple, but the relationship between the two companies has soured somewhat as competition between the two have increased.

Apple has also been actively looking for ways to reduce its dependence on Google. The most notable way that Apple tried this was when it ditched Google Maps and rolled out its own homegrown solution, which started off disastrously.
Schmidt also said during discussions that Google's autonomous vehicle technology was years rather than decades away from commercial availability, but noted that, "the exact way in which it all plays out is not obvious to me."

He added, "The technology has to be right. The regulation has to be right. The partnerships have to be right." Schmidt also mentioned that Google has talked to "every single car company."

Only a few states have regulations on the books right now allowing autonomous vehicles operate on roads and highways within the state. The first step before fully autonomous vehicles will be assisted driving technology along the lines of systems to keep the car in its lane during heavy traffic which are already in place in many entry-level and high-end luxury vehicles.

Source: Reuters

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