ING is the victim of data theft for the second time

A burglary of an ING Financial Services agent's home has left 13,000 District of Columbia workers and retirees at risk.  The Social Security numbers and other personal data of the workers were stored on a laptop that the ING worker took home.  The theft reportedly took place on Monday, June 12, but the company waited several days to confirm what pieces of data were on the laptop.  After a delayed response from the company, it was revealed the laptop was not password-protected and the sensitive data was not encrypted.

ING has sent letters warning of potential identity theft to all affected employees.  The ING Financial Services agent apparently did not violate any company policies by taking the laptop home, but this is not the first time that ING has lost a laptop with sensitive material on it.  In December 2005, a laptop containing sensitive information belonging to 8,500 hospital workers was taken. 

News stories about laptops containing sensitive material being stolen from homes and office buildings have been occurring a lot over the past several months.  Because of the increase of lost data, Congress may finally step in.  There are several pieces of legislation that would aim to protect consumers from identity theft and fraud because of a laptop theft.

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