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Tokyo Game Show 2008: LittleBigPlanet Demo Booth

Tokyo Game Show 2008: LittleBigPlanet 80GB Japanese PS3 Bundle
Religious references unwelcome in new game

LittleBigPlanet’s release date in America has been delayed one week till October 27 due to references from the Muslim religious text the Qur’an found in the audio track. Similar delays are being implemented worldwide.

According to a Gamasutra article, the licensed LittleBigPlanet soundtrack song 'Tapha Niang' by Muslim artist Toumani Diabate's Symmetrical Orchestra uses voice excerpts from the Qur'an in its musical composition.

A now removed posting on the PlayStation Europe message boards stated, “We Muslims consider the mixing of music and words from our Holy Qur'an deeply offending. We hope you would remove that track from the game immediately via an online patch, and make sure that all future shipments of the game disk do not contain it."

Sony reacted quickly to the controversy announcing a delay in the release date. The Media Molecule developed PlayStation 3 exclusive had previously been planned for an October 21 release in North America, October 22 in PAL region territories, October 24 in the UK and Ireland, and October 30 in Japan and Asia.

Any obstacle to the successful release of LittleBigPlanet would be a serious problem for Sony as the game is anticipated to be a system seller. The platformer is a game that is largely dependent on community creations and sharing. Fans and press have given the game positive comments in early previews.

At the 2008 Tokyo Game Show it was announced LittleBigPlanet would be bundled with the new 80GB Japanese PS3 and released on October 30 for 44,980 yen ($442 USD). The bundle will also come with two DualShock 3 controllers.

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By Mk4ever on 10/20/2008 4:06:44 PM , Rating: 0
Well yes. I might be wrong, but my understanding of Islam and my interpretation of the song is that it is considered disrespectful of holy Quran.

Again, I might be wrong, but in Islam we have a lot of emphasis on respect to Quran as to us it is God's unaltered holy words. We are not allowed to carry Quran to the toilet. We are not supposed to hold it without ablution (Wudu - check wikipedia for more clarification), just like before prayers. If a cassette/CD containing Quran is being played we should either listen or stop it if we want to do something else, in respect to Quran. Whenever we hear Quran or Adhan, we are supposed to shut down any playing music at that moment.

I believe you can guess now that a mixture of Quran and music is not ok to us Muslims. To us, that shows lack of respect.

Is this is the answer you were looking for? or did I miss your point/question?

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