Apple Siri Speaker  (Source: Michael Homnick)
Looks like Siri will be getting her own smart speaker. Reports point to Apple working on a home device that and with Siri to control the lights, appliances and other connected products in the home.

According to Bloomberg, Apple may be developing two versions of the Siri speaker.  One version may include a camera that would allow for video recognition. This feature would be similar to Microsoft’s Kinect which uses video recognition to identify users and responds to voice commands.

Apples Siri speaker goes a step further by working with the Home App to control lights and make adjustments based on the preferences of the user it identifies. In addition, Siri speaker, may be able to read emails, and send text messages and work seamlessly with your Apple devices. The camera is rumored to be able to pick your emotions in addition to facial recognition for user identification.
Amazon’s Echo was the first device of this kind to hit the shelves in June of 2015.

Amazon Echo
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Google first introduced Google Home in May 2016.

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Watch the CNET video here.

Sources: Slash Gear, Fox News Tech

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