Apple address potential issues before most consumers get their hands on the MacBook Air

When Apple announced the MacBook Air, Apple fans were ready to whip out their wallets right then to get their hands on the thin notebook. Apple’s latest darling is just now arriving into the hands of eager customers and the company has several notices on its website to address some issues users may see when their Air goes into service.

Apple says that users should never migrate if source or target machines are on battery power. Apple suggests that you use a wired connection for migration for better performance which would mean Air users will need a USB to LAN adapter. Other tips include not letting your source computer go to sleep and if you have to use wireless connections to migrate use the signal strength meter to find the best location for the transfer.

Apple has also acknowledged an issue with some third-party headphones not fitting into the MacBook Air headphone jack because part of the headphone connector won’t fit into the port hatch. Apple says use a third-party headphone adapter to extend the audio connection outside of the port hatch.

MacBook Air owners looking to dual boot Windows with Boot Camp need to be aware that you can’t install Windows with Remote Disc; it must be done with an external USB drive. Apple also says you may need to update your router firmware to get Remote Disc, Migration or Remote Install to work.

The MacBook Air may also see a reduced transfer rate when paired to multiple Bluetooth devices when using AirPort. Apple says to solve this problem you should connect to a 5GHz 802.11 network rather than a 2.4GHz one. AirPort base station users should select a different channel and try optimizing the reception. Turing Bluetooth off or turning off unused Bluetooth devices may speed wireless performance as well.

These same tricks can help wireless performance if you are using an external display that puts out radio-frequency interference.

Apple says that the installation media shipped with the MacBook Air is only designed for the Air and won’t work on any other computers. The installer prevents the software from being installed on another Mac system. When restoring your Air you can’t use other system software either.

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