If you're tired of iPad news, here's some iPhone news for you

For those of you who have been underwhelmed with the launch of the iPad and are sick of seeing story after story on the device, the good news is that the launch is over meaning chatter surrounding the actual device should die down soon. However, those of you who love (or love to hate) the iPhone will have more to talk about in the coming days.

According to Engadget, Apple is scheduled to hold an event this Thursday which will detail iPhone OS 4.0. Apple typically holds these events once a year, so this announcement should come as no surprise to anyone.

Given Apple's typically tightlipped operations, there is no official word yet from the company as to what will be included in iPhone OS 4.0, but rumors have been already circulating. The most frequent leak from the Apple camp is that true multitasking will finally make it to the iPhone (and by association, the iPad). Multitasking is currently available to certain Apple apps (iPod, Mail, etc.), but third-party developers have been forced to rely on push notifications to get around Apple's artificial limitations.

Those that don't mind going the jailbreak route have been enjoying background applications for quite some time thanks to the use of the Backgrounder app which is available on Cydia. Most who use Backgrounder don't seem to have problems running multiple applications at once, so it'd be nice to finally see Apple “catch up”.

Another feature expected to be included in the OS update include a global inbox feature for Mail. Apple will hopefully have much more to announce on Thursday regarding iPhone OS 4.0.

There's no doubt that many people will be keeping a close eye on this event, including Microsoft. Microsoft chose to go the Apple route by not including true multitasking with Windows Phone 7. However, if Apple does choose to support multitasking in iPhone OS 4.0, Microsoft may be left scratching its head.

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