Apple's Technician's Repair guide for applying thermal grease
"So, mark Saturday May 20th on your calendar - it's the day the whining ends!"

As issues continue to be discovered about Apple's MacBook Pros, more and more owners are becoming increasingly upset at Apple's lack of response. Some issues such as heat, are now being found to be caused by a simple lack of assembly care during manufacturing. Owners who have opened up their MacBook Pros have discovered that so much thick thermal grease is applied to the CPU, GPU and northbridge that heat is not effectively removed at all. In fact, after cleaning off the mess, users have reported that their MacBook Pros operate up to 18C cooler.

What upsets users and owners the most however, is Apple's lack of response. The company has in some cases, told customers that their issues are within operating specifications and are "normal." Despite being a laptop, Apple's own usage warnings indicate that placing a MacBook Pro on bare skin could cause burns after extended use.

The MacBook Pro community has now declared that enough is enough. OSx86 Project, a large Mac community, is now organizing a formal protest to Apple. Scheduled for May 20th of 2006, the protest calls for all MacBook Pro owners to call into Apple's support center and report their problems all at the same time. The planned call center flooding is aimed to get Apple to respond to the ongoing issues that are plaguing MacBook Pros. Users are upset that even after so many weeks of manufacturing and problem reporting on its official forums, that the company has yet to fix the issues. The request for protest claims:

This is the best way we can hold Apple accountable. It's our duty to make sure they know we won't tolerate hacks and unsupported fixes to fix an issue that shouldn't be there. This is nothing malicious and we do it with the most admirable of reasons – telling Apple we love their characteristically high quality and won't settle for less. Since we pay for the ability to call technical support when have an issue, we should use it.

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