Apple's iPod touch is now priced at $199, $249, and $299 for 16GB, 32GB, and 64GB models respectively

Remember the iPod? You know, that small MP3 device that helped turnaround Apple’s fortunes and eventually paved the way for the iPhone? Apple has given little thought to the product line for the past year or so, but today is finally making some worthwhile changes to its iPod touch.
The first change is that the 16GB model is no longer neutered compared to its larger capacity siblings. Previously, the 16GB iPod touch was only available in silver, lacked a rear camera, and missed out on the loop wrist strap. The new 16GB iPod touch adds in the missing features and is now available with the full color palette previously reserved for 32GB and 64GB models (black, space grey, pink, yellow, blue, and red).
Another positive move is that the price has dropped from $229 down to $199 despite the increase in features.
Speaking of pricing, the higher capacity 32GB and 64GB models have seen price cuts of their own. The 32GB model dropped $50 to $249, while the 64GB model witnessed a $100 drop to $299. The $50 pricing spread between models will likely be much more palatable to potential customers, and we are hopeful (but not exactly holding our breath) that Apple will employ a similar pricing strategy for its next generation iPhones.

All iPod touches features a 4” Retina display, A5 processor, 5MP rear camera, and FaceTime HD front-facing camera.

Source: Apple

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