Apple decides to step up and defend itself

DailyTech this week reported that Creative Labs, makers of the Nomad and Zen line of portable MP3 players, decided to sue its biggest MP3 competitor, Apple Computers. The suit that Creative filed claims that Apple infringed on patents over the interface that's used in Apple's iPods. Creative claims that it had designed the easy to use interface over 6 years ago. Many are asking why Creative waited so long if it had the patents 6 years ago.

Now, Apple has filed a suit against Creative, claiming that Creative infringed on patents that it owns over the iPod. According to Creative however, Apple never mentioned about these patents when Creative and Apple held discussions with each other.

No word was given from Apple about the suit, but many are saying that Apple has every right to continue to sell its MP3 players because Creative waited too long to sue. Apple currently holds nearly eight times the market share size that Creative has for portable MP3 players.

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