Android latest stats show Jelly Bean is most popular flavor

According to Apple’s latest numbers, 74% of all iOS devices out there are running iOS 7. Apple says that 22% of its iOS devices in customer hands are running iOS 6 and 4% are still running a version older than iOS 6.
These statistics came from measurements taken from the App Store during a 7-day period that ended on December 1.

By comparison, the latest statistics from Google show that Jelly Bean is still the most popular version of operating system. The latest data for Android was collected during a 7-day period ending on December 2. During that period, 37.4% of all Android devices ran Android 4.1.x.
The numbers show that 12.9% of Android devices ran Android 4.2.x with 4.2% running 4.3. That means that a total of 54.5% of all Android smartphones are running one of the Jelly Bean flavors. The latest version of Android is 4.4 KitKat and that OS is in use by 1.1% of Android devices.
A large number of Android users still run Gingerbread with various flavors of Gingerbread making up 24.1% of the Android market. The next most popular version of Android is Ice Cream Sandwich with 18.6%.
Interestingly, more Android users currently run Froyo (1.6%) than KitKat.

Sources: Apple, Google

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