Apple Music Version 2.0 is Apple’s latest version of their music app.

This newest version of Apple Music was released on Tuesday for the Google Play Store.  Apple Music Version 2.0 requires Android 4.3 or later and features a new design which offers smoother user interaction.

One of the standout upgrades is the Lyrics header that allows you to see the lyrics on the Now Playing Page. This is performed by tapping a Show Button at the bottom of the screen while a song is playing. When you are done seeing the lyrics, you simply Hide button to remove the lyrics.

There is now a Playlists section has been added to the Library. Users can now see the music they downloaded via the new “Downloaded Music” section. The “New” Section has been relocated under Browse. Now the only available sidebar options are Library, Browse, For You, Radio and Settings. 

Apple Music 2.0 is only for Android Devices. iOS devices has had it since September 2016.

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