More problems arise with Apple's MacBook Pro

If current issues plaguing Apple's MacBook Pros weren't enough, a new problem concerning batteries has now cropped up. Apparently, early MacBook Pro batteries are not beginning to show problems ranging from the following:
  • Going from a full charge to 90% capacity and then immediately losing power
  • Losing significant capacity
  • The battery meter LED blinks at 1 block or doesn't respond
It's being reported that MacBook Pros with serial numbers earlier than W8608, such as W8607, are affected by the faulty batteries. It is unknown currently how many users have faulty batteries but according to some customers, Apple has issued a cross-shipment capture of the associated batteries. As of now, MacBook Pro owners with a serial number starting with W8609 and higher are not affected.

Currently, the MacBook Pro suffers from various issues such as an infamous whine, AirPort Wi-Fi connection issues, excessive heat, and other minor issues. While the issues do not affect all MacBook Pros, a quick look on Apple's discussion forums for the MacBook Pro reveals that a significant number of users are experiencing issues.

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