Tech powers 30-second previews on web-based iTunes charts

Apple is doing exceedingly well in the technology market. The company has one of the most popular smartphones in the world, the most popular music players in the world, and the most successful music store and app stores anywhere.

Apple is always on the lookout for new technology (and acquisitions) that it can use to improve its services. One of the companies that Apple gobbled up to improve its iTunes platform was Lala. The announcement that Apple had purchased Lala was made in early December 2009. The terms of the deal weren't disclosed when the purchase was announced, but Lala reportedly approached Apple about the possibility of a purchase.

The Lala technology searches a user's hard drive to create an additional music library of tracks that the user might also like based on the music they already own. It's easy enough to imaging Apple integrating Lala with Genius. PC World reports that Apple has now put Lala to work allowing 30-second song previews in the web-based version of iTunes charts.

Prior to adding the Lala tech to the web-based iTunes charts, you could not preview a song before purchase. The only way to preview was to open the iTunes software. The web-based previews are 30-seconds long and encoded at 44.1 AA 300+ Kbps using QuickTime.

There are other uses for the Lala tech reports PC World. It could be turned into streaming options for iTunes, full song previews, or radio stations within the iTunes software. PC World reports that the Lala purchase cost Apple $85 million and that it had to outbid Google to make the purchase. Google was partnered with Lala to power the Google iLike music service when Apple bought the company. Whether or not the partnership will continue is unknown.

"We’re Apple. We don’t wear suits. We don’t even own suits." -- Apple CEO Steve Jobs
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