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iPod Camera Case  (Source: AppleInsider)
Rumors point to camera equipped iPod touch and nano

Almost as soon as Apple announces new products, the rumors of future products start cropping up creating a never-ending cycle. Apple finally proved rumors true when it announced a new iPhone last month and the first rumors of new fall product launches are now appearing.

According to the new rumors Apple has purchased a very large quantity of the camera modules that are used in the new iPhone 3G S. According to sources cited by AppleInsider, the order was large enough that each camera module cost Apple $10.

The size of the order is believed to be larger than can be justified by the iPhone 3G S alone. The large order coupled with the leaked images of new cases for the iPod touch and iPod nano showing camera cutouts on the cases lend weight to the rumor that the two iPods will be getting built-in cameras.

A sketch surfaced in late May showing an iPod case with a telltale camera cutout on the rear. The nano case would allow the tiny MP3 player to be used as a point-and-shoot camera when held in landscape mode.

The addition of a camera would also give users a reason to upgrade their iPod, something that Apple has been working to inspire. Sketches and renderings of cases for Apple products have leaked designs and details of Apple products in the past. Among the first leaks to hint at the iPhone 3G design was a case rendering.

However, as AppleInsider points out, shots of a supposed case for the long rumored iPhone nano were leaked and that product failed to materialize. If the rumors prove to be true, the camera module of the iPhone 3G S lacks a flash module, which hurts the low light performance of the camera. Despite the lack of a flash module on the camera, the iPhone 3G S still took the top spot form smartphones in the Consumer Reports smartphone rankings.

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By AndMatt on 7/6/2009 11:32:02 AM , Rating: 4
If they iPhone wasn't an AT&T exclusive here in the States then we wouldn't even be talking about this. The iPod will fade away once the iPhone becomes a non-exclusive and/or Apple creates multiple models of the iPhone - business model, nano, iPhone shuffle maybe...makes randomized calls? lol.

RE: Meh
By captainBOB on 7/6/2009 11:42:30 AM , Rating: 4
iPhone shuffle, the ultimate tool for prank calling.

RE: Meh
By amanojaku on 7/6/2009 11:44:27 AM , Rating: 3
What the hell are you talking about? The iPod will never go away until either:

1) Hard drives become tiny enough to fit 200GB+ into a phone, or
2) Flash memory falls in price and size to fit 200GB+ into a phone, or
3) Apple goes out of business

With 32GB being the current limit in the iPhone most mobile listeners won't be switching from an iPod anytime soon, even if the iPhone becomes non-exclusive. I'm basing my 200GB+ figure on theoretical future hard drives, btw. The current iPod does 120GB and once did 160GB, so 180GB or 200GB would be the target baseline.

RE: Meh
By corduroygt on 7/6/2009 12:01:00 PM , Rating: 2
Your definition of "most listeners" isn't very accurate. Many people get by with ipod nanos, and don't even have 120 GB worth of music, or they don't even care about carrying every single song they have with them. Ipod touch is nicely filling the niche of the lower capacity ipod classics, and once att is out of the picture for the iphone, the itouch doesn't have much of a market anymore.

RE: Meh
By nvalhalla on 7/6/2009 12:16:35 PM , Rating: 1
You assume everyone wants to talk on an iPhone. I don't. What if all I want is to listen to music? I don't need the iPhone's GSM hardware, or it's $600 price tag without a contract.

RE: Meh
By PrinceGaz on 7/6/2009 3:56:00 PM , Rating: 3
What about people like myself who don't want to have to buy a phone locked into an expensive monthly contract? For me the iPod touch was ideal as what I really wanted was a pocket sized general-purpose computer. As I'm not using it to carry loads of music or videos, I opted for the 8GB model rather than 16GB or 32GB as the extra storage capacity is unnecessary (so far I've used 2GB of the 7GB available, and I can't see that rising much above 4GB in the next few years- by which time it'll be obsolete). Most of what I've used of the storage is taken up by the hundred or so apps I've installed, and various files I've transferred from my PC to use with some of those apps.

Okay so I may not represent a major market-sector of iPod touch users (I don't listen to music or watch videos with it, indeed I've got a total of one music track and one video on it, just to see how transferring those files worked), but there'll always be a demand for a device which is bought with a reasonable one-off payment, rather than being locked into an expensive 24-month contract and end up costing many times more.

RE: Meh
By elgueroloco on 7/6/2009 12:07:29 PM , Rating: 4
I disagree. How much music does the average person have? I have an old 30GB iPod, and I'm not even close to filling it. Most people I know have only about half the amount of music I do. 30GB is more than enough to fit a whole music collection.

As for movies, I don't know anybody who actually watched movies on their iPod or anything like it. The batteries on a typical iPod won't last long enough to watch a whole movie on it.

If I were going to buy a smart phone, 30GB would be more than enough to satisfy me.

If I could get a good smart phone for Verizon that would give me 30 GB of storage, I would definitely consider buying it, and if I had it I would no longer need my iPod.

RE: Meh
By Sazar on 7/6/2009 1:44:01 PM , Rating: 2
I think you may be disregarding such items as Sirius/XM apps and Pandora/Slacker/Last.Fm apps.

It is awesome walking around with your own music but as streaming becomes more prevalent, I doubt people will need a gigantic hard-drive to carry music with them when they are on the go.

If iPod users were relatively technical (which I am assuming many are) they will already be migrating. Heck, I use only about 2GB of my iPhone for music. The rest is for Apps and some movies.

RE: Meh
By KingstonU on 7/6/2009 11:52:09 AM , Rating: 2
Many people believe that MP3 players with physical storage for the music will be obsolete soon as Cloud players arrive and you pay 5$/month to access every song ever made online (with full control over the content, unlike the the current annoying drawbacks of radio players where you can only rate the genre of music you like, can't skip or fast forward, and have to bare with commercials etc...)

RE: Meh
By corduroygt on 7/6/2009 12:04:09 PM , Rating: 4
Good luck listening to that in the subway.

RE: Meh
By GaryJohnson on 7/6/2009 2:51:45 PM , Rating: 2
Alot of subway systems are getting cellphone service now. I expect this trend will grow in the future.

RE: Meh
By elgueroloco on 7/6/2009 12:37:56 PM , Rating: 2
Many people also believe that mankind is cataclysmically warming the earth's atmosphere with trace amounts of CO2.

People always talk about cloud this and cloud that like it's going to replace everything. Very rarely is anything going to replace everything.

I, for one, will never go for a subscription service that only lets me listen to the music as long as I keep paying. I want something that will leave me with ownership over what I paid for.

Sure, I won't be able to listen to every song ever recorded, but then I would never want to. I only want to listen to songs I like. Those are few enough in number that, between free radio and purchased music, I'm covered, and I can take my stuff with me from platform to platform.

I realize I'm just one guy, but I'm far from the only guy who feels this way, so physical storage is not going away.

RE: Meh
By GaryJohnson on 7/6/2009 2:54:32 PM , Rating: 2
There will still be physical storage, there just won't be portable storage. Even if you want to maintain your own media repository somewhere, you can still stream that to your device without needing to keep a copy on the device.

RE: Meh
By elgueroloco on 7/6/2009 6:11:59 PM , Rating: 2
Yes but even if I don't need to, I still want to. I don't want to waste bandwidth streaming stuff from my home computer, or bother with it for that matter, when I could just have storage on the device. I mean, 30GB is more than enough for my music, and pretty soon that much memory will cost about 10 bucks.

Since I refuse to stream my music, and since I'm sure there are others like me who will wish to purchase items with built-in storage, somebody will make them and sell them to us. Where there is a demand and money, somebody will create a supply.

By randomposter on 7/6/2009 11:41:59 AM , Rating: 5
According to sources cited by AppleInsider, the order was large enough that each camera module cost Apple $10.

So what does that work out to in Apple dollars? $100? $150?

RE: $10
By xDrift0rx on 7/6/2009 11:48:09 AM , Rating: 2
exactly what i was thinking... except to be more truthful, it'll probably add another 100$ to the cost. just like a bump from the 16gb to 32gb iphone, it cost them minimal amounts, while you pay an extra 100$.

RE: $10
By corduroygt on 7/6/2009 11:55:47 AM , Rating: 2
So now corporations aren't allowed to charge what the market will bear for their products? If you don't like Apple's pricing, don't buy their products, it's not like they're a monopoly like utility or gas companies.

RE: $10
By maverick85wd on 7/6/2009 2:10:48 PM , Rating: 2
If you don't like Apple's pricing, don't buy their products

Two steps ahead of you, buddy :-)

RE: $10
By TheMan876 on 7/6/2009 8:04:14 PM , Rating: 2
Calm down. It's not like he didn't state a fact. Yes the market bears it, but thats probably because people don't know how cheap flash memory can be. You can't tell me that 16GB = $100.

RE: $10
By ltcommanderdata on 7/6/2009 12:48:53 PM , Rating: 3
Actually, Apple's pricing history generally shows that they introduce new models at existing price points. For example, the 16GB iPhone 3G S is priced at $199 discounted, just like the 8GB iPhone 3G used to be. Despite double the memory capacity and all the other hardware improvements.

The general expectation will be that the $229 iPod Touch will move from 8GB to 16GB with the faster processor and GPU just like the iPhone 3G S. Any new camera hardware would most likely be a standard feature across the iPod Touch lineup. There'd probably be a 64GB iPod Touch at the top.

RE: $10
By SpaceJumper on 7/6/2009 12:55:20 PM , Rating: 2
As a businessman. I would charge $100 or more to pay for my yachts and expensive wines. If you pay then I will take your money.

how good?
By celticbrewer on 7/6/2009 12:39:00 PM , Rating: 2
Not that MP = quality, but I wonder how many this camera will have. I've seen quotes that it'll be 3MP, or 5MP, and that it's on the "bottom level of the digial camera market". I'm glad to see Apple is catching up- I had a 3MP camera on my "free" cellphone 4 years ago.

I guess it sucks for people who want to upgrade their expensive phones or itouch just to get a mediocre $10 camera addition. But I'm sure they'll gladly hand over their money while proclaiming it a technological breakthrough and that Apple was the first to integrate a camera into a handheld device. Baaaa!

RE: how good?
By rcc on 7/6/2009 1:40:41 PM , Rating: 2
Breathe Weedhopper, breath.... let out the anger and hostility with your breath.

RE: how good?
By Solandri on 7/6/2009 3:29:09 PM , Rating: 2
The MP wars have really brainwashed people into thinking they need way more camera than they really do. I own >$5000 worth of DSLR gear, but I'll be first to tell you that the kind of resolution (10MP) and quality I get is way overkill for most purposes. 3MP is 2000x1500 resolution. You can't even see the whole thing at once on an HDTV (1920x1080). Printed at the 4"x6" size of traditional film photos, it'd be over 300 dpi - you'd need a magnifying glass to distinguish it from a film photo.

Yes the quality will be inferior to an 8MP pic reduced to 3MP size, but 99.9% of the photos taken with it will be reduced in size to about 800x600 or smaller for display on the web. You're not gonna be able to tell which was shot with the 3MP camera and which with the 8MP camera. The extra pixels are only needed if you crop a lot, or if you want to be able to zoom in.

By seanonymous on 7/6/2009 12:30:08 PM , Rating: 4
I'm so sick of hearing the word 'flash' used to described a gimmicky little LED stuck to the back of the phone, especially by someone who claims to be a journalist.

If you have any photographers on your staff, I suggest you avoid mistaking a keychain LED for a camera flash lest you get beaten over the head with a Nikon.

Another rumour for iPod touch
By amyli on 7/23/2009 4:45:02 AM , Rating: 2
Besides camera rumour, I learn about another rumour for iPod touch - WiFi phone, soon we can internet skype phone with iPod touch.
Great Apple! Crazy Apple!
BTW, I recommend favorite Mac video & DVD tool - iFunia(

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