Apple is hiring engineers and managers from its competition in Asia

Apple is looking to beef up its number of engineers and supply-chain managers in Asia as that market continues to grow at a faster rate and Apple's presence increases thanks to deals with carriers like China Mobile Ltd
According to The Wall Street Journal, Apple is hiring engineers and managers from its competition in Asia such as HTC, Inventec Corp. and Quanta Computer Inc. Apple reportedly used LinkedIn to gather teams in both Shanghai and Taipei. 
The idea behind Apple's latest round of hiring is to push out more Apple devices like the iPhone and iPad in a shorter amount of time. Currently, Apple typically releases one new iPhone and one new iPad model per year (although there have been a few exceptions, like last year's simultaneous release of both the iPhone 5S and iPhone 5C). 


But the problem is that rivals like Google's Android has many hardware makers for the mobile OS, and can produce more devices more quickly and at a range of price points. Apple's limited releases for higher prices has hurt its global smartphone market share in particular, dropping to 17.9 percent in the Q4 2013 from 20.9 percent a year earlier. 
Aside from that, Greater China is Apple's fastest-growing market in the most recent quarter, and Apple wants to provide for that market in hopes of continued growth. Apple's sales in Greater China increased 29 percent in its first fiscal quarter to $8.84 billion USD. 
Apple has been on a hiring binge in China for the past two years, and now has over 600 engineers and operations staff in China total. 
It's currently not clear how many people Apple is looking to employ in Asia. 

Source: The Wall Street Journal

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