Leaked shot of Apple's "Magic Trackpad"  (Source: Engadget)

  (Source: Engadget)
Hardware builds on Apple's strong touch record

There are things that Apple does well and others that it does not so well.  But when it comes to hardware one of the things it does very well is touch.

Even as WWDC prepares to kick off with Apple CEO Steven P. Jobs' keynote address at 1 P.M. EST, its star product may have already leaked, and it unsurprisingly leverages Apple's touch legacy.

Multiple sources are reporting that Apple will unveil a product dubbed the "Magic Trackpad" according to
Engadget.  The device follows in Apple's penchant for the using the word "magic" to describe is products -- as evidenced by Jobs's descriptions of the iPad which constantly describe it as magical and Apple's Magic mouse.

Will the Magic Trackpad deliver users a magical experience?  Apple is reportedly packing all the functionality of the Magic Mouse into the device, handwriting recognition support, and all the touch gestures available on its Macbook Pro.  The device reportedly is Apple's latest effort to differentiate its desktops as a superior experience to the PC.

There are no wires attached, as the device communicates wirelessly via Bluetooth.  Leaked images show a device with Chinese lettering on it, indicating that it was likely manufactured at the infamous Shenzhen plant run by Foxconn.

We'll update you later on price, a complete features run-down, and availability, assuming the rumors indeed prove true.

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