Survey among professionals, students puts Apple brand as most impactful on their lives, Microsoft wins most in need of revamp

There has been a resurgence in the influence that brands, particularly those of tech companies, hold over people of late.  First, a major study revealed that Mac use caused what researchers labeled as a "snob effect".  Further research indicated exposure to the Apple logo could subliminally increase creativity and otherwise influence the viewer's thorough process.

Now new research by the online magazine Brandchannel reveals intriguing insight into how the consumer elite worldwide -- professionals and students -- view various companies.  Over 2,000 people were surveyed and among the companies Apple did the best, placing first in all six categories of appeal, including the most inspiring company and the company users can't live without. 

Microsoft was voted as the company people most wanted to argue with.  Furthermore, it was also voted the company most in need of a revamp.  Interestingly the USA national brand came in second in voting of a brand which most needed a revamp.

Brandchannel editor Jim Thompson states, "Apple has clearly captured the hearts and minds by leading across most categories. Others, such as the USA nation brand, which ranks highly as most in need of a rebrand, requires help according to our readers."

The study declined to examine brand value, often labeled a pseudo-science, which revolves around a theoretical determination of how much a brand is worth.  In brand value studies, Coca-Cola's Coke typically comes in first.

Most respondents in the survey did not think there was such a thing as a "green brand".  The survey indicates that many of the large company's efforts to establish an environmentally friendly image have largely resulted in failure. 

Among the praise lavished on Apple, one anonymous participant stated that there was "never a dull moment" from the company and that they keep "reinventing itself all along and providing, over and over again, a new perspective on what we thought was carved in stone."

Another unnamed participant stated that Microsoft had "gone from innovative and bold to stodgy and follower."

Following close behind Apple were Starbucks, Google, Nike, and Coca-Cola.  Most of these same brands, along with Apple at top, were selected as the brand responders would most "like to sit next to at a dinner party", though Starbucks received the boot in this category.

The responders came from over 107 countries and the survey occurred between February 24 and March 9.

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