Customers with noisy MacBook Pro's get support from Apple

Apple has posted a support document advising users who are experiencing the now infamous whining issue with their MacBook Pro 15” models to contact AppleCare for service on their laptops. A number of users have complained that when their MacBook Pro warms up and the fan is active, the MacBook Pro will emit a high pitched whine.

DailyTech called AppleCare to clarify who was eligible for support whether it was only those who bought a MacBook within the last 90 days or if this was covered under the Apple One-Year Limited Warranty. We were told by the AppleCare representative that the issue was in fact covered under Apple’s One-Year Limited Warranty so anyone who was experiencing the problem within one year from their original purchase date would be covered -- which at this point is everyone.

We tried to clarify what exactly Apple was doing to correct the issue, but the representative told us that it really depended on what the cause of the problem was: in some cases the fan would be replaced while in others an updated main board was installed along with a different fan.

Several MacBook Pro owners also reported about problems with the MagSafe power connector, which connects to the MacBook Pro by a magnet. In a few incidents, the MagSafe connector actually caught on fire. Other users reported that their MagSafe connector became unreliable, sometimes giving a charge while other times not supply any power. So far Apple has not commented on this issue.

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