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The internet went absolutely bonkers Sunday afternoon with the release of celebrity nude photos

Over the weekend, numerous reports began popping up around the web that Apple’s iCloud service had been compromised, resulting in leak of hundreds of risqué photos of female celebrities (many of which were reportedly in various stages of undress). Celebrities like Oscar-winner Jennifer Lawrence, model Kate Upton, and gymnast McKayla Moroney were among those that reportedly had their iCloud accounts hacked.
For its part, Apple rep Natalie Kerris released the following statement to Re/code:
We take user privacy very seriously and are actively investigating this report.
The Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI) is also investigating the incident, stating that it is "aware of the allegations concerning computer intrusions and the unlawful release of material involving high profile individuals, and is addressing the matter."

There have been a number of theories flying around of how this hack could have possibly been carried out, with TheNextWeb detailing a vulnerability in the Find My iPhone service. Hackers allegedly used a “brute force” tactic to repeatedly inundate the Find My iPhone service to obtain the correct password for a particular iCloud account. However, hackers would need the email addresses of the celebrities in order to proceed with the malicious script, so that brings up its own set of additional questions.

With an email address and the correct password, the hackers could gain access to iCloud services, including Photo Streams.
Apple has since closed this brute force vulnerability, which would allow an unlimited number of attempts to retrieve a password. Users (and potential hackers looking to perform nefarious deeds) will now see the associated Apple ID disabled after five failed password attempts.
Model Kate Upton was among the female celebrities targeted 

Another theory is that this wasn’t some huge smash and grab that just occurred over the weekend, or even over the past week or two. There has been an underground celebrity nude photo “trading ring” that has been in existence for a number of years where users perform individual attacks on celebrities to obtain racy images, then trade them with each other to grow their collections.

Once the images started being traded outside of the ring, however, “the beast” began to take on a life of its own. Some credibility is attributed to this theory given the responses by actress Mary Elizabeth Winstead, who stated that the images were deleted from her phone years ago:

Numerous other celebrities that were listed in the photo dump allege that the photos of them are elaborate fakes. The aforementioned Jennifer Lawrence and Kate Upton, however, have acknowledged through their representatives that the images are in fact real.
A representative for Upton released a statement to Us Weekly, which read:
This is obviously an outrageous violation of our client Kate Upton's privacy. We intend to pursue anyone disseminating or duplicating these illegally obtained images to the fullest extent possible.
Jennifer Lawrence’s spokesperson released the following statement with regards to the images:
This is a flagrant violation of privacy. The authorities have been contacted and will prosecute anyone who posts the stolen photos of Jennifer Lawrence.
It should be noted that the hacker who infiltrated Scarlett Johansson’s smartphone in order to obtain and post nude images was sentenced to 10 years in prison

Sources: Re/code, The Next Web, CNN, NBC News

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By bug77 on 9/1/2014 6:15:01 PM , Rating: 2
Bring "privacy of our home" into discussion after you upload everything to the cloud.

RE: Excellent
By Motoman on 9/1/2014 8:02:07 PM , Rating: 5
I'm not excusing the hacker.

But seriously...putting naked photos of yourself in any online service is just begging for this to happen. There is no such thing as a "secure" online service. And at the very least, every online service is data mining everything you do to begin have no privacy from the very beginning. And when the service gets hacked and all the world can see you shave your cooter, JLaw...well, maybe yous shouldn't be storing photos of said shaved cooter online.

You want to have pictures taken of your shaved cooter, go ahead. But keep them at home. On an external hard drive for example...or on an SD card. Or print them out and save them. But don't keep pictures of your shaved cooter someplace where they can be accessed online. Because if you do, eventually everyone is going to see your shaved cooter. And that's just the way it is.

Did I mention that she shaves her cooter?

RE: Excellent
By GotThumbs on 9/1/2014 9:27:38 PM , Rating: 2
totally agree.

No empathy for any twit...famous or not, who has uploaded photos to the 'cloud', expecting it to be safe.

If you don't want to risk getting bitten by a shark, the only 100% sure way is to stay out of the ocean.

There are NO guarantees in life except: Death and taxes.

RE: Excellent
By hughlle on 9/2/2014 5:40:47 AM , Rating: 2
Sharknado, sandsharks, jut saying.. Not always so cut and dried :p

I thought the countless recent (large) hacks of the past couple of years would have been a pretty clear indication of how secure all these databases and services really are? Pretty bloody stupid.

RE: Excellent
By tayb on 9/2/2014 9:20:10 AM , Rating: 2
Are you serious?

The freaking Apple site goes on and on about how secure their cloud service is and then at the bottom has a bunch of links on deleting photos or unsubscribing devices from the photo stream. The service is advertised as being a rock solid and secure place to manage all of your iOS photos and sync them across devices.

Are you seriously saying that a regular user should be so aware of current technology that they should not trust the largest tech company in the world when that company says "your data is safe" and goes on and on about encryption standards and crap like that.

RE: Excellent
By bug77 on 9/2/2014 11:17:50 AM , Rating: 3
Are you seriously saying that a regular user should be so aware of current technology that they should not trust the largest tech company in the world when that company says "your data is safe" and goes on and on about encryption standards and crap like that.

If you want to make you life easier: yes, absolutely.

RE: Excellent
By SPOOFE on 9/2/2014 12:34:49 PM , Rating: 4
The service is advertised as being a rock solid and secure place to manage all of your iOS photos and sync them across devices.

In a world where Trix is advertised as "part of a complete breakfast", it amazes me that anybody gives credence to any advertisement in any form.

RE: Excellent
By MrBlastman on 9/2/2014 3:47:34 PM , Rating: 2

Everyone should know if you don't want naked pictures (or personal whatever) of yourself leaked online... don't put them online in the first place. In fact, don't take them! Once you snap that shutter (or someone does for you), you're acknowledging that those pictures might be used against you sometime.

This is why wise individuals avoid stuff like Facebook, Twitter, photo-sharing websites, etc.

Nothing is safe once it is on the Internet. It's like a safe sitting in a building. It is only useful so long as someone hasn't figured out how to crack it. And crack it they will. It isn't how, it is when. It will happen if you give the criminals enough time.

RE: Excellent
By Motoman on 9/2/2014 5:42:00 PM , Rating: 2
Are you seriously saying that a regular user should be so aware of current technology that they should not trust the largest tech company in the world when that company says "your data is safe" and goes on and on about encryption standards and crap like that.

A normal person shouldn't be stupid enough to believe such BS. From any company...but least of all Apple.

And if you are that stupid...well, you're not normal...and I reckon you got what you signed up for.

RE: Excellent
By bug77 on 9/2/2014 3:59:22 AM , Rating: 2
And yet this somehow is rocket science to most. Because God forbid they actually ask how their beloved gadgets work, they're supposed to be magic.

RE: Excellent
By Apone on 9/2/2014 12:02:32 PM , Rating: 2
@ bug77

Agreed and unfortunately, most people cannot be bothered to learn a thing or two about IT common sense considering technology will continue to play a big part of everyone's lives regardless of whether you're a tech geek or not.

RE: Excellent
By xti on 9/2/2014 12:06:59 PM , Rating: 3
you guys say it so easily.

Cooks think the same thing on their websites about you guys who burn cereal.

Dont act so naive.

RE: Excellent
By SPOOFE on 9/2/2014 12:36:36 PM , Rating: 2
Great response.

"I've been doing this for twenty years, It's easy!"

RE: Excellent
By Apone on 9/2/2014 3:36:30 PM , Rating: 2
@ bug77

It is easy and it's not rocket science. Taking nude pictures is already a liability waiting to happen and posting said nude pictures on the Internet further compounds the potential damage.

Fortunately, burning cereal doesn't involve any kind of embarrassing liability similar to having nude pictures of yourself hacked and shared with the world.

You don't have to be a tech geek to deduce how damaging incriminating pictures can be personally and professionally.

RE: Excellent
By Motoman on 9/2/2014 5:45:03 PM , Rating: 2
It is easy. And it has NOTHING to do with the technology involved, or having the first IT clue.

"Hey, I've got some naked photos of myself that I don't want anyone else to get their hands on. Should I just keep them to myself, and hide them in a drawer, or should I give copies of them to other people/companies and hope that they don't look at them themselves, and/or let other people look at them (intentionally or not)?"j would seem that if you don't want anyone else to see your naked photos, the only rational course of action is not to give them to anyone else. Period.

How hard is that to understand?

RE: Excellent
By xti on 9/3/2014 1:05:28 PM , Rating: 2
you buy a phone. hit yes on all the buttons setting up, including the ones that say 'backup your contacts, calendar, settings, and photos'.

it does it all in the background.

fast forward a year of not giving a crap how your phone works and then the pics happen. they obviously overlooked a setting on their phone and what happened the past week, well happened.

What you and others on DT dont seem to get is that they live in very different worlds than we do. We, for some reason, dedicate time per day to read this website and be familiar with these products.

They, and obviously not all, but they, do not. If that concept is hard, i dont know what to tell you.

RE: Excellent
By Motoman on 9/3/2014 1:56:21 PM , Rating: 2
"Hey, I've got some naked photos of myself that I don't want anyone else to get their hands on. Should I just keep them to myself, and hide them in a drawer, or should I give copies of them to other people/companies and hope that they don't look at them themselves, and/or let other people look at them (intentionally or not)?"

...what part about that do you not get...or should anyone not be expected to get, intrinsically and without any external information?

On top of that, granted that everyone always has their cell phone with them at all times...and granted that sometimes cell phones get lost or stolen, a cell phone is a horrifically moronic place to store such photos in the first place. Even if you were smart enough to turn all backup options off.

If you want to have naked pictures of yourself, but don't want anyone else to ever see them, the one and only thing you can do is to keep them on a disconnected device in your own home.

That is 100% obvious common sense...and if it's something that you still can't seem to grasp, then you're probably way behind on a Darwin Award at this point anyway...

RE: Excellent
By xti on 9/3/2014 3:15:08 PM , Rating: 2
you live in a hole dude.

RE: Excellent
By Motoman on 9/3/2014 4:39:42 PM , Rating: 2
...and you're a moron.

Let's say some photos are taken of your wife/daughter/sister naked and/or taking it in the pooper. Would you advise them to print them all out, say a bunch of 4x6s, and then carry them around in their purse?

No? Why not? Or, because a purse can be easily lost and/or stolen? Huh.

Why is carrying them around on your phone any better than that?

On top of the issue of giving digital copies of said pooper-poking photos to any other agency at all - like Apple - to store anywhere else. Even if you can't be bothered to pay attention to what your digital device is doing with them.

...because if you can't be bothered to pay attention to what happens with your pooper-poking photos, then apparently you don't care who sees them. Because if you did care what happens to them, you'd pay attention to what's being done with them.

You can't buy a gun, load it, point it at your dog and shoot it, and then turn around and blame Smith & Wesson for your dead dog.

It's your own f%cking fault, and there's no way around it.

RE: Excellent
By kamk44 on 9/3/2014 9:27:50 PM , Rating: 2
I'm just surprised hasn't been registered yet. I smell opportunity...or something...

RE: Excellent
By xti on 9/4/2014 10:42:41 AM , Rating: 1
no one is saying ultimately the responsibility doesnt lie in the phone's owner.

but everything has to be black and white to you, and then you call people morons to make yourself feel like you HAVE to be right.

You and I can pay attention to every little detail in our lives, including app settings. Some, by the life style they live, daily tech maintenance doesnt fall high on the list of priorities. You wont get it because you aren't in that bucket, or are closed minded - or both.

Does having other shit to do make it ok for these things to happen? Not in my opinion. Was it preventable at the micro level? Of course. The 2 are mutually exclusive, but nerds always think a+b=c and nothing else.

so, continue in your hole, focus on nothing but fault instead of the bigger picture of how a series of events and circumstances make these things happen.

no one woke up and said "think id like my funbags all over the net today"

RE: Excellent
By thesaxophonist on 9/5/2014 6:41:44 PM , Rating: 2
They never said it was okay. What they're saying is that no party is faultless here. The guy that hacked the phones is a sick bastard, but the owners are also idiots for putting such photos on their phones in the first place.

RE: Excellent
By bug77 on 9/2/2014 1:34:49 PM , Rating: 2
IMHO, the stupidity lies elsewhere.
You don't care about how your gadget works? Ok, you don't have to. Just don't freaking trust it with your most intimate stuff and act surprised when they end up in the wrong hands.

RE: Excellent
By synapse46 on 9/2/2014 10:26:57 AM , Rating: 2
Either she is incredibly dumb.. or she is incredibly smart gaining publicity all while some journalist whom the celebrities hate will take the fall for the icing on the cake.

RE: Excellent
By lexluthermiester on 9/5/2014 10:24:23 PM , Rating: 2
There is no such thing as a "secure" online service. And at the very least, every online service is data mining everything you do to begin have no privacy from the very beginning.

Right? Seriously what goes through the minds of people like that...

RE: Excellent
By tayb on 9/2/2014 9:14:44 AM , Rating: 3
These photos were not uploaded in the traditional way that you would consider uploading. These people did not log in to iCloud, drag their photos into a viewer, and upload them one by one. The iPhone has an iCloud feature that AUTOMATICALLY backs up photos to the cloud and syncs them across devices. Most people are not aware that this is happening and wouldn't know how to disable it without help or a google search. Prior to this weekend there weren't that many articles about disabling photo stream or iCloud.

Most people are also not aware that photos that are DELETED from their phones are still stored in their photo stream somewhere.

This is a case of people using a phone how it was advertised to be used believing that their photos were secure. Even those who weren't comfortable keeping the photos on their phone (smart) and deleting them still had their photos stolen.

RE: Excellent
By Bill S. on 9/2/2014 1:16:16 PM , Rating: 2
It just works....unless you don't know about it, eh?

RE: Excellent
By Motoman on 9/2/2014 5:46:48 PM , Rating: 3

Ignorance of the law doesn't get you out of jail. Ignorance of what your device does doesn't get your naked photos off the internet.

If you don't care enough to pay attention to what you and/or your devices are doing, then you don't get to complain when your shaved cooter is plastered all over the internet.

RE: Excellent
By xti on 9/3/2014 1:06:52 PM , Rating: 2
to be fair, google plus does this too once you install the app.

RE: Excellent
By bug77 on 9/3/2014 1:22:02 PM , Rating: 2
Not really. It popped up a very in-your-face dialog asking me if I want to sync.

RE: Excellent
By xti on 9/4/2014 10:44:49 AM , Rating: 2
you are right. but you and I are programmed to look for these things.

to the average joe, they click "yes" and instantly forget that setting is on. a year later, someone pulls a brett farve.

RE: Excellent
By Dr of crap on 9/2/2014 12:45:42 PM , Rating: 2
DO you seriously think that the FBI got involved after a celeb nude pic was outed?!?!

Why was this such big news???

I'm thinking a bit of this was WANTED to happen and they staged this to get, wait for it, some good/bad PR!

This ALL smells out of place. And if NO celeb was involved, then what?

Isn't there an easier way?
By av911 on 9/1/2014 6:09:56 PM , Rating: 2
If you get "high" looking/searching/hacking for these celebrity photos, isn't easier and safer to learn Photoshop?

RE: Isn't there an easier way?
By Solandri on 9/1/2014 6:58:23 PM , Rating: 1
They're not getting high from looking at nudie pictures. They getting high from knowing that they screwed over (figuratively) someone with a better life than themselves.

You know how some psychopathic dictators take delight in inflicting pain and suffering among their subjects? This is the same thing, only running the opposite direction in the social hierarchy. The people who do this sort of thing blame more successful people for the poor state of their own lives. So in their minds that justifies them doing all sorts of things they would never tolerate if others did it to them. The two guys who pulled off Columbine were a perfect example - they were social outcasts, so they figured that justified them taking "revenge" on people more popular than themselves (i.e. nearly everyone).

RE: Isn't there an easier way?
By Kefner on 9/1/2014 7:02:20 PM , Rating: 5
You're thinking way too deeply on this. They just want to fap!

RE: Isn't there an easier way?
By Mint on 9/2/2014 10:44:13 AM , Rating: 3
No, that's not even close to right. Use Occam's Razor rather than going out of your way to be a misanthrope.

Wanting to look at celeb nudes rather than those of random people works the exact same way as wanting to see celebs in public, see them do normal things like get a BF or get married, etc.

Conversation would be boring if guys/girls said, "X is really hot" and nobody heard of X, or girls said "X's dress is pretty" and nobody heard of her. It's the same thing with popular music. You can't sing/dance together when no two people have heard the same song.

Celebrities are popular and make money because they facilitate social interaction.

the Fappening
By EasyC on 9/1/2014 6:46:47 PM , Rating: 5
The single best thing apple has ever done. Sucks it was released prior to their official event.

RE: the Fappening
By Brandon Hill on 9/1/2014 7:24:26 PM , Rating: 3
Couple points
By chmilz on 9/1/2014 6:31:11 PM , Rating: 2
1. Privacy only matters when it's celebrities
2. I looked at the pictures. They look like everyone else. It's only a big deal to crazy stalk fans and juveniles
3. The more this happens, the more we'll just not care about naked people
4. I do feel bad for them. I like my privacy as well. There's infinite people posting their naked selves for all to see, we really don't need to be going after those that want to keep it to themselves

RE: Couple points
By GotThumbs on 9/1/2014 9:33:11 PM , Rating: 2

and Yet, your the one who went and looked.

Pot, meet kettle.

I have no desire to see this woman's photos, but I have zero empathy for her situation. She/her husband were the dopes to upload the photos to the cloud in the first place.

RE: Couple points
By Mitch101 on 9/2/2014 1:00:37 AM , Rating: 2
They made a movie about stuff like this
Maybe they should remake it with Kate Upton?

I'm not adding anything useful here....
By Zak on 9/2/2014 11:18:53 AM , Rating: 2
.... and not defending the hackers or criticizing the victims, but I just always wondered why would anyone take nude pictures of themselves? Why? Unless you're a porn model why would you take naked pics of yourself?

By Brandon Hill on 9/2/2014 11:27:05 AM , Rating: 2
Husband is away on a business trip for a few weeks; wife texts a few racy pictures/videos to hubby.

That's just one rather tame example. But do you really need to ask? People are horny and kinky; this is just par for the course these days.

iCloud was not breached
By mstrmac on 9/2/2014 2:57:41 PM , Rating: 2
Internet rumor moungerer click bait hit blogs.
Apple denies iCloud/Find my iPhone breach, says ‘very targeted attack’ hit certain celebrities Apple says that it conducted an investigation for more than 40 hours, and denies that iCloud or Find my iPhone was actually breached. Apple is presenting this as a very targeted username, password, and security questions hack on “certain celebrity accounts.” Apple recommends that users utilize the 2-step verification service for Apple IDs/iCloud. The company also says it is continuing to work with law enforcement on finding the hackers involved.

RE: iCloud was not breached
By bug77 on 9/3/2014 4:55:09 AM , Rating: 2
Does that matter? Should people feel safer because their images can be had WITHOUT having to hack iCloud?
And two-factor authentication is mostly a joke in the mobile space. It's typically tied to your phone/tablet; when that runs out of juice, so does your ability to log in.

im glad Kate Upton uses iPhone
By luv2liv on 9/2/2014 12:20:55 PM , Rating: 2
come on guys. just admit it. you are glad Kate Upton uses an iphone.

Here's a novel idea...
By lexluthermiester on 9/5/2014 10:21:59 PM , Rating: 2
If you don't want your naughty parts viewed all over the internet, DON'T TAKE PICTURES OF THEM!

And If you do, for goodness sake DON'T put them on the internet!

It doesn't take a rocket scientist to figure that one out, morons!
[Yes, this is aimed at you celebs!]

"Young lady, in this house we obey the laws of thermodynamics!" -- Homer Simpson

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