Apple's competition still delivers better value for your dollar

Big flat wide-screen displays are all the rage these days, and today Apple announces a significant price cut to its flagship 30-inch Cinema Display as well as its smaller units.

The 30-inch Apple Cinema Display has been reduced to $1,799.00 from $1,999.00, giving users a $200 savings. The 20-inch and 23-inch Cinema Displays have both been reduced by $100, to new prices of $599.00 and $899.00 respectively. I remember purchasing the 23-inch Cinema Display HD when it first came out several years ago for a whopping $3,400.00. Apple also recently updated the specifications to its entire line of Cinema Displays.

Along with the display price cuts, Apple this week also started shipping Mac Pro configurations with dual quad-core Clovertown Xeon processors. The new Mac Pros have been long in waiting by enthusiasts and the new processor upgrade gives quite a significant performance increase overall.

On the competition side, Dell has its 30-inch 3007WFP-HC shipping at a low price of $1,499.00 which is still significantly lower than Apple's 30-incher. Plus, the 3007WFP-HC comes equipped to read various memory cards and can pan, tilt and is height adjustable. Dell's 24-inch 2407WFP is selling for $629.00 compared to Apple's $899.00 23-inch display.

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