Is Apple getting sloppy with its iPhone prototypes?

Nearly a month after Gizmodo spilled the beans on the next generation iPhone, a Vietnamese site has gotten their hands on another prototype. The pictures reveal a phone that differs slightly from the version that Gizmodo exposed.

The latest prototype no longer has the two screws flanking the dock port (screws were first seen on the iPhone 3G/3GS and on Gizmodo's iPhone prototype). The newest iPhone prototype also appears to be further along in the development process as it has its capacity, 16GB, imprinted on the back of the device instead of an XXGB designation.

Also, unlike Gizmodo efforts, this latest iPhone was fully dissected right down to its juicy hardware bits. The system-on-a-chip (SoC) is left wide open for everyone to see and displays the following the markings (in addition to an Apple logo):

  • 339S0084
  • K4X2G643GE
  • YN6024Z3
  • APL0398

Other features seen on the previous iPhone prototype also make there way over to this phone including the dual cameras, LED flash on the back, side-mounted micro SIM slot, and the curious grooves along the metal rim wrapping around the phone.

You can view a video of the phone (and listen to some Beegees goodness) in real life here. You can view more pictures of the device here.

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