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According to Rovio, this makes Angry Birds the most downloaded game in the history of gaming

Back in September, Angry Birds developer Rovio was celebrating 350 million downloads of the popular mobile game, as well as film and merchandise deals galore. Now, Rovio has announced that Angry Birds has flung its way into 500 million total downloads.

According to Rovio, this makes Angry Birds the most downloaded game in the history of gaming. In fact, Angry Birds gamers around the world play 300 million minutes daily collectively, and have played a total of 200,000 years so far.

Also, Rovio reported that 266 billion levels of Angry Birds has been played total with 400 billion birds flung and 44 billion Stars collected.

"This is a fantastic landmark achievement for us, and we're extremely delighted to see such an incredible amount of people enjoying our games," said Mikael Hed, Rovio CEO. "We remain committed to creating more fun experiences and bringing exceptional quality to Angry Birds fans everywhere."

[Source: Forbes]

The 500 million total downloads has come across various platforms, including smartphones, tablets, PC, Mac and Chrome web browser.

Rovio started selling Angry Birds plush toys in December 2010, and sold about 2 million of them by March 2011. By September 2011, Rovio was selling about one million plush toys monthly. In addition, it was selling one million Angry Birds T-shirts monthly, and has made Angry Birds video animations and books as well.

With such wild success, Rovio will be opening its first official Angry Birds retail store in Helsinki.

Source: Rovio

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Angry Birds
By Brandon Hill on 11/3/2011 9:54:24 AM , Rating: 5
Don't get me wrong, I love Angry Birds (I have all three games on my phone), but all of this merchandising and Angry Birds mania going to soon come to a flaming end...

RE: Angry Birds
By CurseTheSky on 11/3/2011 10:08:43 AM , Rating: 4
Agreed. The main reason why the Angry Birds plush toys are selling right now, IMO, is due to their cliche nature. Not EVERYONE knows what Angry Birds is (are?), so by hanging one from your rear view mirror / backpack / etc., you're essentially looking for laughs or comments from other people that know what they are.

As soon as these things become totally mainstream, they'll lose their allure. After all, it's a fun game, but it's nothing game-changing. Unless they plan on really innovating with this stuff (think cartoon series or something similar) they'll be a thing of the past within a few years.

RE: Angry Birds
By Souka on 11/3/2011 6:18:31 PM , Rating: 2
What are Angry Birds? I've never heard of them....


RE: Angry Birds
By augiem on 11/4/2011 3:28:24 AM , Rating: 2
Angry Birds is a prime example of right place, right time. A HUGE new marketplace of phone users starving for anything halfway decent. It comes out and, simply because of difference in pressure, fills the vacuum and achieves super, mega, ultimo stardom overnight! Like a bigger star than Mario, Mickey Mouse, or all the rest at this point. I find it insulting and unfair that stuff like this takes the record so easily over the entire 30+ year history of video games. This isn't as insulting as FarmVille, but it's getting there. What's so freaking great about artillery with birds and pigs??

And don't get me started on the plush/merchandising. ONE freakin plush doll is $20-$50 (depending on size). The GAME costs $1!!! That's nonsense.

RE: Angry Birds
By kleinma on 11/3/2011 10:18:59 AM , Rating: 4
The game gets terribly boring very fast. People will move on to the next time waster soon enough.

Interesting how much metrics they have on the usage of their game. Wonder how much other information they are mining while people are playing...

RE: Angry Birds
By Dr of crap on 11/3/2011 12:40:11 PM , Rating: 2
You know how it is. Everyone HAS to have the latest thing. It like we never get past Jr high or high school.
If the cool thing is black jeans then EVERYONE gets black jeans.

I for one WILL NOT get angry birds just to spike the "I/you have to have that" mentality.

And I agree this will last about as long as Beanie Babies.
Remember that craziness?

RE: Angry Birds
By SilthDraeth on 11/7/2011 12:10:21 PM , Rating: 2
Pretty sure beanie babies are still hot items.

RE: Angry Birds
By AlvinCool on 11/3/2011 10:34:08 AM , Rating: 2
It's for the upcoming movie, not for the game

RE: Angry Birds
By Schadenfroh on 11/3/2011 1:07:50 PM , Rating: 2
We are in an Angry Birds bubble, that is for sure.

RE: Angry Birds
By Roffles on 11/3/11, Rating: 0
RE: Angry Birds
By Brandon Hill on 11/3/2011 1:32:31 PM , Rating: 2
I love them all (Angry Birds, Seasons, Rio) because it's quick, mindless fun. AND I can play it just about anywhere. I also enjoy trying to get three star and all levels and finding all the hidden eggs/fruit/etc.

I've found myself stuck on one level for days at a time trying to get three stars, cursing at my phone the whole time.

RE: Angry Birds
By Keeir on 11/3/2011 2:08:33 PM , Rating: 4
You know... some people have to grow up. Have a job and a family. No more time to devote 2 or 3 hours a day to an intensive solo gaming experience.

Sad, but true. Angry Birds is a game for grown-ups. IE, the Casual Gamer, who makes up ~75%+ of the people on this world. Little rich kids have much more free time to play fps, rpg, etc all by themselves in their rooms. Go them!

RE: Angry Birds
By callmeroy on 11/7/2011 1:11:31 PM , Rating: 2
I half agree. The part I agree is I do think its crazy the people that skirt responsiblity or just "better things in life" because they are addicted to video games....BUT your exact example is ridiculous.

If you really enjoy a hobby you'll find time to participate in it. My brother is in great relationship, has 2 kids (plus his fiance to be has a kid)...they are both highly social go out all the time ... they are the type you actually say "Man why don't you guys just stay home once in a while"....they both work, they both devote at least an hour each day to the gym...etc....guess what my bro still finds 2 hours every other day or so to fire up the PC and kill some pixelated bad guys..he just starts gaming at about 10:30 or 11 PM.

Myself -- I'm not doing quite as well as my brother in my last example and I'm not as social either..but I still would drop any game in a heartbeat to spend time with my GF - especially because of work schedules we don't see each other as often as most couples in more "normal" relationships do. What's more if there's work to be done work is first -- even house work...but still while I don't play every fact there has been weeks I haven't played... when I do want to play I find the time -- again its normally late at night...but the point being 2 hours a day or every other is nothing...even for fully responsible and busy adults....its just about your passion for gaming (or replace gaming with any hobby and the rule still is true).

RE: Angry Birds
By Keeir on 11/9/2011 4:34:08 PM , Rating: 2
Let me get this straight

You play maybe 3-4 hours of gaming in an entire week and your bro might find 4-6, but only really in the middle of the night.

Sorry, that just proves my point. You have to aggressively find the time to play intensive Solo games. That doesn't make games that you -don't- have to find time for non-games or make them "for children". Instead these games are ment to fit into adult lifestyles without requiring the aggressive time management.

RE: Angry Birds
By wordsworm on 11/3/2011 1:38:39 PM , Rating: 2
We still have Mickey Mouse, Looney Toons, and even Sponge Bob and Thomas the train are still around. We have no real idea how long Angry Birds can go. They could be around long after we're all gone.

RE: Angry Birds
By Flunk on 11/3/2011 2:14:03 PM , Rating: 2
Well, yes. That's why they have to cash in now before their 15 minutes are over.

Angry rocks
By AnnihilatorX on 11/3/2011 10:07:53 AM , Rating: 2
I once played a flash game on PC, before Angry birds came about, with especially the same gameply but with cute birds replaced by rocks and bombs on trebuchet and pigs replaced by king, queen, price and soldiers. Was it a flash game made by Armored Games? I can't remember.

I enjoyed that game much more than angry bird somehow, even though gameplay is exactly the same. Maybe I am not into the cheesy cuteness of Angry birds.

RE: Angry rocks
By rzrshrp on 11/3/2011 10:27:51 AM , Rating: 2
I enjoyed the same game but I can't find it either. I know that there's not much new under the sun but I imagine that the guys that did that game are kicking themselves that they were beat to the punch.

Spending money to open super niche retail stores seems like a bad idea. Just enjoy the money that's already coming in and don't be greedy Rovio.

RE: Angry rocks
By Donovan on 11/3/2011 12:16:30 PM , Rating: 2
Sounds like "Crush the Castle" by Armor Games, which is based on another game called Castle Clout. You can find tons of these demolition-style flash games:

By Roffles on 11/3/2011 1:16:29 PM , Rating: 2
I'm usually all about the different strokes for different folks, but this one has me scratching my head. This game is not engaging at's interesting for 5 minutes. And that's because 5 minutes are how long it takes to realize how boring and repetitious the game will continue to be if you proceed to play it for any longer.

To me, a game like this is ideal for small children with no frame of reference for what is and isn't challenging/stimulating in a typical video game. But small children don't usually carry expensive smartphones with expensive contracts that will play this game. So who's playing this game and making it popular?

If someone lives near where a store is opening, please take video of the people coming in and out. I want to see who's willing to fruitlessly spend their money on Angry Bird merchandise. Do it for science!

By ezinner on 11/3/2011 2:39:58 PM , Rating: 2
I also thought that the Apple stores were going to fail like the Dell branded stores, but I was wrong.

"There's no chance that the iPhone is going to get any significant market share. No chance." -- Microsoft CEO Steve Ballmer

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