Android users were more likely to have one-night stands and sex on the first date

Is that an Android in your pocket, or are you just happy to see me?

A new study shows that Canadian Android users are more likely to have sex on the first date as well as one-night stands than those who have iPhones or BlackBerrys.

The survey, which looked at 1,068 Canadian singles from October 13-15, was conducted by polling firm Zoomerang. According to its results, 62 percent of Canadian Android users have sex on the first date while 57 percent of iPhone users and 48 percent of BlackBerry users get lucky the first time around.

In addition, Canadian Android users also have more one-night stands at 55 percent while iPhone users and BlackBerry users are at 50 percent and 47.6 percent respectively. Android users also frequented dating sites more often at 72 percent while iPhone users were at 58 percent and BlackBerry users were at 50 percent.

While Canadian Android users are more likely to get the ladies, iPhone users and BlackBerry users have their perks too -- I think. For instance, iPhone users were most likely to date co-workers at nearly 25 percent, and BlackBerry users were most likely to drink alcohol on the first date at 72 percent.

Most singles from each party agreed that technology like dating sites, email and text messages have greatly increased their social lives.

Android may top the mobile category in terms of sexy time, but Apple recently crushed Google's mobile operating system in Q4 2011 sales, outselling Android 4-to-1 on AT&T. The iPhone also outsold all Android phones combined at Verizon.

Sources: VentureBeat, The Vancouver Sun

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